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Existing discussions that have not been assigned a category. View Discussions

Free Resources

This forum is for downloading files of free content, links to free resources, and discussions on how to use them. View Discussions

Critical Topics

This area is for discussing the serious and difficult situations that arise in your ministry and life... think emergency situations. View Discussions

Parenting and Family

These forums are for topics related to parenting and equipping the family. View Discussions

Early Childhood Ministry

Forums specifically designed for Birth to K ministry. View Discussions

Elementary Ministry

Forums specifically designed for K to 5th grade ministry. View Discussions

Preteen Ministry

Forums in this area are all about the growing trend of preteen ministry. View Discussions

Youth Ministry

Discussions in this area are about Youth or Student ministry. View Discussions

Special Needs Ministry

Special Needs Ministry is full of many leadership challenges... use this forum to ask the questions you need help with. View Discussions


Lead, follow, or get out of the way... these discussions are to refine your skills as a leader in Children's Ministry. View Discussions

Ministry Openings

Please use this category to post any discussions related to connecting the right people to the right position. For specific postings, please visit the JOBS tab. View Discussions

Props and Atmosphere

This category of forums is for discussing props and other elements which make a great atmosphere. View Discussions


Topics related to choosing the correct curriculum or about specific curriculums. View Discussions

Conferences, Seminars, and Training

This area is for discussing conferences, seminars, training, and other such large events. View Discussions

Church Events, Camps, and Holidays

Discussions on events from Camp to VBS to special holidays and everything in between. View Discussions


Discuss anything technological. View Discussions


Volunteer issues, concerns, and topics. View Discussions

CMConnect Help Center

Discussions about "how-to" use CMConnect, frequently asked questions, and other support topics. View Discussions


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