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From a friend of mine:
"I received a message from a minister in Kokomo, Indiana looking for a
children's director for 0-5th grade. If you know of anyone interested
in a children's ministry position, have them call Greg Groupey (765)
624-6064. Thanks!"
I've got three positions that I know of right now... and they are really good opportunities for anyone who wants to be in cutting edge ministry reaching the lost.

Okay. I know of three full time job positions available right now that are hiring immediately. Like, the positions needed to be filled YESTERDAY. Let me tell you a little about the positions:

Elementary Director: This is a full time position at a church here in Austin, TX. It’s a cutting-edge church reaching the lost and disconnected in this very "cool" city. A large percentage (I want to say over half, but I can’t confirm) of attendees have come to Christ in this church. Church attendance at this campus (multi-site) is over 3000 with an average of 500-600 kids. The Elementary ministry is moving toward a large group/small group model and needs an experienced leader to take the ministry to the next level.

Children’s Pastor: This is a full time position at the same church mentioned above. This position is for a Children’s Pastor over one of the video campuses. The campus (launched in January) runs close to 450 attendees. A strong leader who is flexible, creative and a great team player is needed to grow the ministry of this campus both numerically and in quality.

Children’ Pastor: This is a full time position for a brand new church plant in San Antonio, TX. This plant realizes that the Children’s Ministry is one of the most important ministries in a church reaching young families, so they’re "setting up" the future CP with a great opportunity. The church is being planted in on of the fastest growing areas of San Antonio, which is largely unchurched. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

The rest of the info on these posts you can find here:
Bryan... I created a new forum where you can post your resume. When you get a chance, check it out.
There are several great churches in Indy that are looking. They are Plainfield Christian Church, Northview Christian Church, Mt. Gilead Christian Church, Chapel Rock Christian Church, and Ben Davis Christian. What's up with CM shortage? Maybe we should all get paid according to supply and demand....just like gas prices. Sounds good, but I don't have my hopes up.
We should start a petition : ?
The flip side of this, from my point of view, is that churches seem to have pretty specific standards in what they are looking for. There are a lot of people like myself who, despite extensive experience, do not qualify for full-time positions because we do not have the right kind of experience, pedigree, connections, etc. So I am not surprised that so many churches cannot find qualified staff. I usually recommend to churches to consider first hiring from within. My church did this with our most recent youth pastor and it has worked out wonderfully.
Ellerbe Road Baptist is looking for a Minister of Music. We are looking for someone who can read and lead music. Who can inspire our congreation with contemporary Praise and worship music, but who can also breath new life into some of the older styles. We have a awesome pianist, a small band, and a strong, but small choir (15-20). We also perform special productions at Christmas and Easter, and the Music Minister would be coordinating these as well as some other outreach events. (A major plus would be if his wife is interested in leading the Children's Choir activities!)

Contact information: (We have a Music Minister search committee assigned to this task)
Ellerbe Road Baptist Church
10705 Ellerbe Road
Shreveport, La. 71106

Pastor: Dennis Sims
Education/Youth Minister: Richard Lee
I hear you Glen, but I think it is great to use everyhitng that is at our disposal when we can. I know een thing for sure larger churches want chidlren's pastors who have large church experience but most of us don't move around as often. when I suggest a newer face to a church that calls me too often they don't even look in their direction because they haven't had x number of kids in their ministry. Too bad for them. I've been on the other side but god eventually opened the doors.
Looking for a part time Children's Worship Leader. Must be energetic and creative, most of all have a desire to lead children in learning how to and experience the freedom of worship. Please contact Mike Meadows at (210)523-9085 ext 2236 or
Title: South Park Church Children's Pastor

Location: Park Ridge, IL

Oveview: South Park Church is seeking a Children’s Pastor who wants to invest and minister to the up-and-coming generation! This individual will be responsible to lead our "thriving" ministry that reaches and develops children ages birth through fifth grade so that they become more and more like Christ. The Children’s Pastor needs to be a “big-picture” person with experience in managing people and setting up teams and leaders. The person needs to have a proven gift of leadership with the ability to recruit volunteers by inspiring them to serve in the area of children’s ministry where together they will lead, promote, and oversee the spiritual formation of children by teaching them to worship, learn, and obey the Word, win others to Christ, serve the body, and participate in community. He/she needs to be open to change, motivated to see growth and have a passion for innovation in ministry. Solid Biblical background with a bachelor’s degree preferably in Biblical studies or Christian education. Three plus years of experience in a Children's Ministry role and a desire to be creative in expressing the Gospel will be desired. To be considered for this role, please submit your resume and a creative teaching or excerpts of something you've implemented within a ministry setting to the attention of Ann Marie Salemi at You can get additional information about the position at
Fulltime Preschool (birth-Pre-K) position in Southern Indiana. Reply to if you are interested or for more info.
Capital City Christian Church in Frankfort, KY is looking for a full time children's minister (birth-5th grade). Experience with leading a children's program is a plus, but the primary qualifications include the desire to be a pastor to kids and the willingness to come alongside families to help them disciple their children. This is a growing congregation within the capital of Kentucky. Average attendance is 650, and there is a vibrant youth program. You can contact Steve Pattison at 502-695-1188 or You can also contact me, the present children's minister, to ask any questions (through October). You can reach me at 502-382-7958 or

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