We are going to be reviewing some options for children's ministry databases and check-ins. Most of the online reviews I've seen cover different features. However, I'd like to discuss specific companies and their pros and cons.

Anyone want to share what they are using (or have used) and the good/bad of it?


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Here is some of the feedback I've gotten from various other social media channels:

  • Fellowship One
  • Touchpoint (BVCMS)
  • Servant Keeper
  • Planning Center
  • KidCheck
  • Church Teams
  • Kidddo.com
  • Church Community Builder (CCB)

A note about Kidddo.com, which was very interesting... this one is free for up to 20 kids. Afterwards, it is unlimited for only $10 a month (or $100 annually). I'd never heard of it before posting this.

We use Planning Center Online because it is inexpensive and it was already being used for planing our worship services..... we love it so much that we are planning to add music stand (sheet music on a iPad) to the collection..... what I love about it is that you can plan not only the worship service BUT the volunteers in all different areas (children's ministry, youth ministry, Sunday school, etc).

I love it that the couple times we had issues when we were starting up, I had to contact customer service and got a reply VERY VERY quickly..... made me feel good that they were there to assist.

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