A friend at a large church in California has asked me to help them find a children's pastor with as much discretion as possible. He is leaving (on excellent terms) and wants to find a replacement to lead his team before he moves on to his new assignment.

Please review the below and post a comment or email michael@cmconnect.org if you are interested. I'll forward your contact info to him.


Michael Chanley


Job Title: Children’s Pastor

Job Description: Direct and oversight all Children Ministries

Supervisors: Snr and Executive Pastors

Liaison: Ministry Pastors, Church Staff, Support Staff, Parents,

children and families

Hours: Full Time

Summation of Ministry:

• A total of 9 staff (see outline below)

• Core team of 20 leaders (including x4 Interns) and about 150 Volunteers

• 5 services weekly – Sat 6pm, Sun 9am, Sun 11am, Sun 1pm and Mon 6.45pm

(Prayer meeting)

• Attendance Average 800-900 each weekend (including leaders)

• Church Size 5,000-7,000 (including all ministry services)

 Church Location – West Coast (California)

 Church DNA & Values: Presence and Power of God, Evangelism/Outreach,

Worship, Preaching and Prayer.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

 Fulfill the Snr Pastors vision through the Children’s Ministry Department

and raise up a generation with the same passion and focus

 Develop goals and strategies each year to grow the department and all

sub ministries in accordance with the churches vision

 Develop annual budget to reflect the yearly goals and strategies and keep

sub departments within the approved budget

 Develop a yearly calendar for the children’s ministry including Special

Events, Training Meetings and all Church Events

 Supervise the day to day operations of the Children’s Ministry

 Oversight 5 church services every week (Sat 6pm, Sun 9am, 11am &

1pm, Monday Night Prayer) plus other services as required like special

needs, Moppets etc.

 Oversight the Business Operations Director, responsible for birthday

parties, facility bookings, special events, budget, marketing and weekly

programming of the center.

 Oversight the Christian Preschool Director, responsible for care Monday to

Friday 6am-6pm with 140 enrolments and 15 staff.

 Oversight the Sports Outreach Director, responsible for seasonal sports

like baseball (200 registrations), soccer (150 registrations), Flag Football

(100) and Special Talents League.

 See salvations of children in all departments and bridge children to the

church through B’day Parties, Sports Outreach Ministry, Sub Ministries,

Special Events and Outreach Events.

 Disciple children in passionate worship, intimate pray, devotion to God’s

Word, bold evangelism, active serving and generous giving

 Develop relevant, contemporary and impacting teaching series for children

in each ministry area based on Biblical Principles

 Provide creative ideas for services/ministries to continue to connect with

children of Generation Z so they can be reached, won and trained.

 Oversight development of term planners, outlines, Take Home Sheets etc.

 Counsel children and families that are in crisis or who need Pastoral Care

 Help parents spiritually lead their own children with support resources like

Take Home Sheets, Pastoral Care, Bible Studies and in the future,

parenting course and video devotionals etc…

 Direct, envision, train and review all Kidspace Staff who oversight

ministries in Kidspace (see Staff Members list below and associated

ministries). Train staff in staff meeting every month and mentor through

one-on-one personal time and scheduled mentoring meeting each quarter

 Direct, envision, train and review all Kidspace Core Lay Leaders who

oversight ministries in Kidspace (see Core Leaders list below and

associated ministries). Mentor through one-on-one personal catch up and

scheduled mentoring each quarter and Core meetings as scheduled

 Direct, envision, train and review all Kidspace Volunteers (100-200)

through basic training, a once a month-2 month team meeting, various

independent meetings and on spot training

 Recruit new voluntary leaders and Nursery/Care/Party Captain staff to the

Children’s Ministry team

 Train up and Mentor other Children’s Pastors within the Churches satellite

network and others in relationship with Children’s Pastor

 Network/Train with AG children’s ministries through the Nor Cal District

and other conferences like INCM, CPC, CMConnect etc…

 Oversight and develop a growing international 2 year Children’s Ministry

Internship program for Kings College. Development of multiple syllabi,

assignments, exams and assist in Campus Days and college events

 Uphold strict safety guidelines for the Children’s Ministry like screening of

leaders, on site security teams, check in and out procedures, risk

assessments, evacuation drills etc…

 Increase the number of interns serving in the department and develop

portfolios to train them in ministry

 Coordinate Special All-Church Events like the Easter Egg Hunt,

Halloween Event, Community Appreciation Day and see families and

children won to Christ and attend the church

 Coordinate other events like the Vision Day Launch, Children’s Camp,

VBS (Elementary & Preschool events), RISE Conference, Children’s

Leader’s Conference, Grade 6 Graduation, Sports Ministry Season

Openings and Awards Nights, School Outreach Christmas Event and the

End of Year Awards Night (Leader’s Appreciation)

 Assist in other All Church events like Heaven’s Gates Hell’s Flames,

Christmas Productions etc….

 Help Support and oversight other ministry areas within the Children’s

Department like Moppets, Special Needs Services, Junior Leadership,

Elevate Choir, etc…

 Marketing of the Children’s Ministry to the city and beyond through the

Web, Social media, local papers, radio, Fox 40, school district

distributions, special events, pulpit announcement, church news, bulletin,

televised services etc

 Perform Baby Dedications, Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals as the need


Children’s Ministry Staff:

 FT - Sports Outreach Ministry Director/Ministry Assistant

 FT - Business Operations Director/Men’s Ministry

 FT - Secretary

 FT - Preschool Director

 FT - Nursery Ministry Care Director

 FT - Birthday Party and Booking Director

 PT – Database Administrator

 PT - Spanish Service Pastor

 PT - Media/Graphics Director

 PT - Sports Outreach Ministry Administrator

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