I'm looking for a creative "Egg Hunt" GAME to do with elementary students as opposed a a typical free for all egg hunt. At our event, we have the typical inflatables and other games, but our egg hunt time is in a huge field and if we just let them go, it would take all of 30 seconds. Looking for something more creative and structured.

Any ideas? Go.....

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I have mismatched the eggs before and had the kids "hunt for them" then when all the eggs were found each team had to match their eggs.  The team with the most matched eggs won.  I only did that once though because it took way too much time to mismatch 600 eggs.  

I don't do an egg hunt for over Kindergarten for the same 30 second reason.  The little kids love it though...so do the parents. 

Also, I leave the eggs empty otherwise the kids just open the egg for the treat and you end up having to clean up all the opened eggs. 

I was told of a children's minister that is going to color the eggs in fluorescent colors and let the kids use flashlights and do a night hunt. Sounds interesting.

Here is something that I did for our summer mid-week programming a couple years ago. I made a "treasure map" I actually got some material that looked kinda like animal skins, drew the  map on it and took a lighter to the edges and a couple spots in the the middle to "age" it. anyways I made a few copies of this map then gave the kids clues as to the location of the next clue all leading up to a treasure chest.


This could be adapted for easter with each station being a piece of the Easter story. Maybe even taking the 12 eggs with the easter story and using it to make clues for the next piece. In fact now that I think about it, I think I may use this one for easter this year.


Matt N.

Oh and what we have been doing for a number of years is an egg drop. We have a pilot in our church fly over he property and drop the eggs from a plane (empty eggs). The kids and the parents LOVE this one, but you pretty much either have to have a pilot in your church or be prepared to pay a lot to make it happen.


Matt N.

in the past, we have had our elementary aged children do a scavenger hunt. This is sooo much fun planning and it can take as long as you need it to. At the end we gave the children goodie bags instead of eggs. They loved this! We just divided them into teams and gave them clues. We had adults as the leader of each team...but they could only help as a last resort. It was sooo much fun!

Make it into an obstacle course where you pick up an egg as you complete each section, or, as another post suggested, make it into a scavenger hunt.  The older kids love thse kinds of things, whereas the younger ones are fine with just gathering eggs.  I always leave treats out of the eggs, and have the kids turn them in to receive candy bags.  Here in the South, the chocolate will melt, or fire ants or other bugs will get in or on the eggs, so it's better for us to do it this way.

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