Do you allow parents/grandparents/guardians to observe your classes - are they welcome to do so?

Do you allow parents/grandparents/guardians to sit in on your Children's Ministry classes? Do you have an "open-door" policy when it comes to observing your Children's Ministry, or do you tell them they can not stay in a class?

What do you do and why?

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Hi Lynda!

Our church does not actually let parents sit in on our classes for a few reasons:

  1. It disrupts the flow of the morning when there are new adults, who are not interacting or leading in the room.
  2. Their presence has the potential to upset other children who do not have parents in the room, or even at church.
  3. This is our biggest reasoning, we require all adults in the classrooms to have Child Approved Work Status. That comes from an interview/time to get to know them with me, a background check, and training. If an adult has not completed a background check, they are politely directed to a small group or service.

We have more of an open door policy with our Kids' Worship since the adults don't have concentrated conversation time with the kids, but usually only encourage parents to visit once or twice. If they show interest in continuing to come, then I ask them to meet so we can begin the volunteer on-boarding process.

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