If you were building a new children's wing - and had a large group gathering area to equip, what kind of sound system, acoustics, video projection equipment would you use?  Do we use a large flat screen or a white wall?  Do we put the sound board in an enclosed area or out on a table?  Front of the room or back of the room?  I'm all ears!

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Wow, it's been a couple months and you didn't get a reply... If you haven't already set it up here are some ideas:

The Sound should always be at the back, always. I like the little half walls to enclose it so that it is separated & protected, but you can still hear what everyone else hears (enclosed with a window it is muffled). 

Depending on the size of the space go with LED TVs. They have become super cheap and give an incredible picture in almost any lighting. Go with the biggest you can afford. Not sure the size of the room, but I would have one on each side of the stage area.

Do you have someone to help with these areas? You will need cables, splitters, possibly adapters. What are you using to send your media? DVD player, PC, Mac? All of these will determine the extra equipment you need.   - we ran everything through a iMac to two 55" LED TVs. It was a short enough run that we we're able to use HDMI and then a 2:1 splitter to go to each TV. 

Your needs for sound will determine your equipment. Is there a praise team, instruments, others needing microphones?  - I would call the folks at springtree.net. They are very helpful and will give you the best deal. 

As for acoustics, you just need something in the room to absorb sound. Acoustic panels for the ceiling or walls are great if you can do that. It sounds like you just need to talk to an AV company to get you going. They can look at your space and give you ideas. 

Hope this is helpful and it's not too late.

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