I would love to hear (and even see an attachment) of electronics policies you all have. We have so many children who bring cell phones, iPod touches, and are now even bringing tablet PC's into church under the auspice of having their "Bible" with them. That's all well and good and I don't want to discourage electronic Bible use, but I would love some idea of how any of you have worded guidelines about use of or non-use of these devices.

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We do have certain occasions that I allow the kids to have their cell phones to text me to ask me a question during service that they might be embarrased to ask aloud. Other than that, we ask the kids not have their electronics out during service and we stress that electronics are a very "self" thing and we want to be focusing on others and be interacting together.


What I would like to see us get sooner than later are some tablets or ipod touches that the kids are able to use at the church that are blocked except for certain sites and such.


I'm sorry this doesn't help much but I wanted to give ya some sort of feedback!

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