Have you ever missed worship on Easter weekend due to serving in Children's Ministry?

Have you ever missed worship on Easter weekend due to serving in Children's Ministry?

If so, why and how often has this happened?

What did you do to refresh and reconnect with the Lord?

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Yes, I missed Easter Service this year. We had our Easter service in a University Coliseum. We had the children in a different building. I provided leadership and oversight over my team. This was my first Easter with this church. I've been here for 10 months.

I knew that I was going to miss service so I had a plan throughout the entire week. We also had a Kidz Blitz event on Good Friday so I had to prepare for that as well. Everyday leading up to Easter, I had quiet time with the Lord, I exercised, and stayed prayerful. I was listening to podcasts from pastors I enjoy. I was determined to keep my connection fresh daily with the weight of two high level events so close to each other.

Even though I missed service, I was able to have a fresh connection with Christ by managing my time to reflect my priority.

I would not say that I have MISSED worship due to serving in Children's Ministry. Rather I find myself in children's church and thus I EXPERIENCE worship due to serving in children's ministry. 

I've known you for a few years now and I think I understand your heart in this question. However, I feel the context of your question assumes that "worship" only happens within the context of a gathering of adults. I don't believe that to be true.

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