How do I link my facebook and twitter account to my CMConnect profile?

Linking your social networks to CMConnect is a great way to grow your online community while getting the support you need to thrive. Together, we can serve to advance children's ministry on a global scale.

Here are a few of the specific benefits to connecting your social media to our network:

  • It allows you to update your status at facebook and twitter from one place
  • You can take advantage of our facebook "like" and google "+1" features to broadcast your posts or other's content 
  • Connecting allows you to automatically tweet and facebook share your new content uploads to CMConnect... it's one post and you're done... easy!
Community Best Practice: Some children's ministry leaders create unique facebook groups and twitter accounts to connect their leaders. However, generating new content for these pages can be hard to maintain on a consistent basis. 
Instead of linking your personal facebook or twitter accounts, consider linking your ministry pages to CMConnect. Then, when you post content from our page to yours it will automatically engage the people you want to see it... the leaders you serve!

Link your social media to CMConnect

Want a great way to update your CMConnect, twitter and facebook status at the same time? You can do it by using the "Latest Activity" tool. First, you have to follow these three simple steps to link your social media...


1. Go to the "Settings" page. You can find it in the right hand column under your name, email and friends on any page.


2. On the left hand side of the"Settings" page you will see several options. 

Click on the one that says "Connections."


3. Next, all you have to do is click on the different options to link your facebook account or twitter account. Just follow the onscreen directions and you'll be all set! 


You can see a sample of the "Connections" page below: 





Once you are connected, you can use the "Latest Activity"tool to update your status to your facebook page or twitter account. 


Some children's ministry leaders have used this as a way to connect their volunteer teams to our free content and training. At the end of the day, it builds a better volunteer while making your life a little easier, and a little simpler!


Go ahead... link up and give it a try. When you start sharing your content with your ministry team we believe you'll see more engagement in your ministry!


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