Hello All, I have a quick question. My church is about to resume admitting male volunteers to teach in the pre school and elementary class. But my lead pastor wanted to know how parents react to having men on board. Please let me know what obtains in your ministries. Thank you.  

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We receive a great amount of positive feedback. They see the need for men to step up and lead. This has been great with our preteen boys and elementary boys. God is blessings this with lots of good relationships happening.

We have several male teachers, one in the preschool class. He does an excellent job and any parents who at first may be concerned, are quickly sold over by his teaching. It is a cultural issue, but we are able to respond to the very FEW concerns with the following: we do not allow ANY grown-ups to be alone with children in a room, which helps parents feel better, like most churches, we do background checks and interview each leader to get to know them and thier faith story prior to serving in our ministry.

If the church did not allow males for a season, it would be important to fully understand why and address those concerns fully(was there a previous issue, is it cultural, lack of male volunteers) before making the new change.



I am a guy and I have never had a problem at all with this. I think that men provide a certain element of safety and parents actually appreciate it.

That being said, you should always have more than 1 person present in any room!

The reaction of the parents in my church have been mixed when it comes to new attendees but once they get to know the teachers and other parents in the church their responses to the men are always positive. All of the men who teach at my church are dads and love children. They are an absolute blessing to have in our classes. Men generally teach with a more open attitude towards having fun and the kids have a blast.

We have always used men in children's ministries, except not in the Nursery. Parents are always positive about seeing both men and women in our ministry.

I'm a male, and I teach in our children's ministry. I am also a small group leader. We have never had a problem with this issue.

Always had men in the nursery too - they usually didn't change diapers - but did everything else. A child's first introduction to the Family of God should be that it is a place where there are both women AND men.

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