How much does your part-time kidmin administrator/early childhood coordinator make per hour?

Hi all,

We're looking to bring a second staff member on for our kids ministry. We see around 130 kids in average weekend attendance and another 130 every Wednesday (Awana).

Currently I'm running the kids ministry solo (along with an awesome volunteer team, of course). We've grown 25% in three years, and it's getting difficult to keep up. Our early childhood rooms are bursting at the seams and I need someone to develop teams to manage them. I'm also struggling to keep up with parent assimilation, volunteer training and due diligence tasks (following up in volunteer reference checks, etc..).

We have the basics down, and I feel like I'm just getting started with the development of lots of cool ministry plans (family ministry, special needs, leader development, and more). The problem is that with all that's going on, I keep having to choose between maintaining what we already have and developing the ministry further.

I've come across some helpful formula from Dale Hudson, Nick Blevins and Jay Hostetler that answer the question "When is it time to bring on additional kids ministry staff?". We're definitely in the hiring zone.

So, I'm looking to bring someone on as a part-time (20-30 hours) Administrator and Early Childhood Coordinator. This person would 1) be handling the administrative aspects of our volunteer recruiting processes (BG checks, References, Applications, etc), 2) Develop teams for the management of our early childhood rooms (i.e. stocking supplies, sanitizing toys) and 3) Actively manage our logistic and administrative tasks (Calendaring and room requests via our ChMS, Maintaining volunteer schedules, Curriculum Distribution, among other things). 

Questions for you:

1. What am I missing?

2. When was the right time for you to hire a second person?

3. How much do you pay this person? (contextual info would be helpful, like church size, region, denominational affiliation etc)

Thanks in advance, the input is very helpful!

In addition, I'm our Senior Pastor's "go-to" back up preacher. (Oh, yeah, I'm also in seminary).

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