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I'm starting to venture into unknown territory and was wondering if anyone has experience with a live band in children's ministry.  I have 3 adult guys with a passion for gutiars and teach kids to play instruments and lead worship, so part of our focus is training future worship leaders.  Any do's or don'ts that people have from experience would be appreciated.  

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I've done this at a few churches. I've taught kids as young as 4th grade to play instruments.

Key is to have the right timing.

Teaching your group to play together can be tough. At that age, an adult leader driving the music is probably a good thing.

Don't get kids on stage too soon. And continually teach and talk about why we lead worship. (Not a rock star, etc. ) kids tend to get a big head quick. And the goal is to worship Him is Spirit and Truth.

That being said, don't wait too long to get them playing in front of others. It may discourage them from playing at all.

I believe in this. And I will be doing it again at my next assignment.

Start slow... keep it simple.  Maybe once a month with 2 to 3 songs total.  I always tried to couple an adult mentor to a kid volunteer.  Guitar to guitar, drums to percussionist, vocalist to vocalist, etc.  That's my 2¢

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