Here's a powerpoint I created for our Meet N Greet this past Sunday. It was our first Meet N Greet activity held on Rally Day. We opened with prayer, music video/ song and dance, held presentation and had teachers tell 3 things about themselves 1) how long they've been in children's ministry, about their family, their name and grade they teach.  We also had breakfast and and gave door prizes. We plan to make this an annual event now!

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Wow...here we are at our 4th annual Meet Greet/Rally Day! We've added Meet the Author where we have a talented congregant serve as a bible character and do a small dramatization. We then have teachers and students pose a question to the author (questions already developed) and the author responds.

Rally Day has been a hit,many parents and their children come along with some of those we invite from the church school who are not necessarily members of our church (unchurched). This is a good orientation of our program and God is at the center of it all! =)

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