Hey all, just looking for some feedback.  We have been trying to use cell phones only for contacting parents during services.  Doesn't seem to be working so well.  We also have a large (believe it or not) group of people who do not have phones.  I want to pick up pagers which I've used before, but just curious what you all do to contact your parents of babies and toddlers who need their parents



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If your adults us presenter there's an app now for the new version that would let you put security numbers on the screen yourself.  That seems to be one of the better options in my experience.  But we also use pagers and texting.  This (http://www.jtech.com/paging-systems/) is the company we got our pagers from and they work well.  We also only do pagers on request, so we don't have to have one for every kid.  We have a ministry of 325 (4 services) and only 10 pagers, which we've never run out of.

We use pagers and I love it. I prefer not to use cell phones, because that means I have to keep an eye on my phone through the whole service if I have it on silent. We have an average children's ministry attendance of 75 kids/week and have one transmitter in the nursery and one in the 2's & 3's class because they're far apart. This means some parents may get two pagers, but at least they'll know which class to go to. We only use the pagers for the children in those two classes. We have 40 pagers total and have never needed all of them. I have yet to need a pager for a child in one of the older classes.

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