Currently, our Preschool class is for 3 yrs thru Preschool - meaning they enter the class when they turn 3 and leave in September when they start Kindergarten. This is causing a few issues:

1. The teachers are complaining that it's hard to work with a just-turned 3 yr old AND a child who is preparing for Kindergarten. They say they're just too far a part developmentally to make it all work.

2. Because 3 year olds move up on their birthday, our class can get very full waiting for September to come and the Kindergarteners to move up. We're considering having our 3 year olds move up in groups only twice a year (March & September) to fix this.

Has anyone run into these issues before? What are your age breakdowns and when do you move kids up (at their birthday or at certain times of the year)?

Part of me wonders if I just don't have the right people working with this age. I've taught in the class a few times and have no problems working with the age span.....thoughts??

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Hi Emily! We had this exact same issue in our church and when the new school year came around we made a new class called the Totz class.  This came with a lot of consideration and thought.  Inour nursery we had infant-2 year olds and in our preschool class we had 3-6 year olds.  I felt like our nursery was dangerous and our teachers of the preschool class said it was way to hard to teach the different ages.  Since doing this change it has helped A LOT! I still have a hard time finding volunteers for the totz class my teachers rotate and do twice a month and I have to fill in every couple months but even with that I feel like it has really improved our CM in being able to teach the children. so in our preschool its now 4-kindergarten and so when the new school year starts and they enter first grade they move up to the elementary class.

Hope that helps a bit! :)

We have a 2's & 3's class, and then a 4's/5's/K class. Kids move into the older class when they turn four. I feel like the age difference in that age range isn't as difficult as the 3-5 range because many of our just turned 4 year olds are already in preschool and better equipped for a more structured class. It's challenging in the 2's & 3's class, though, because a new two year old is so different from an almost 4 year old. I think any time you have to group ages together or promote on birthdays you'll see a challenge. I'm hoping to add another class soon that would be a toddlers class that the kids enter when they become confident walkers and stay in until the September when they're two. Then the 2's & 3's class would be more like a 2.5 & 3's class.

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