Just read an Interesting article.... Music in Recession
Can the Christian music industry survive the economic storm?


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Interesting read. I am totally sympathetic to the plight of a musician, since paid Children's Ministry positions are equally becoming scarce. For myself, I have always had another job besides my calling, not because I like money but because I like to eat! I would rather spend all my time in ministry, but that is not the circumstance of this day.

As long as the church lasts in this world, there will be music. Music is not going anywhere. It is possible that the recording industry is changing; I have always found a greater worth to performance as opposed to recordings. Perhaps it is a good change. Whether good or bad, change is happening. But it is better to look for what God will do next, with Christian expectation. This I know: after it all goes good again, someone will have the initiative to make it work. The demand is there, so ingenuity will prevail. In the mean time, we should be courageous and bold, like we belong to the Kingdom of God!

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