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I'm wondering for anyone that has one Saturday service, how do you do schedules and recruit volunteers.

We currently have only one service on Saturday three on Sunday.  Our Saturday services have been a difficult area to recruit.  Currently we do a once a month rotation with everyone, but even that is hard to get people to commit to.  I was wondering if that's what others do or if there are other methods that work better.  We have a nursery, k-3, preteen and preschool room.  All of them run between 5 to 10 kids a weekend. We also have a large group worship element for our elementary and preteen kids- which they are all in at the same time.

We've also started to talk about paying a couple people for a short time to cover some positions while we try to get our heads back above water.  If anyone has ever done this, I would also appreciate insight, as I don't want to discredit the time of the volunteers we do have.

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I believe that all "recruiting" is best done through vision casting, and your vision for Saturday night may look a little different than your Sunday. Why is it imperative to your church and community that you have a Saturday night service? Why is Saturday night children's ministry vital to your church's lifeline? How does it differ from Sunday morning? If they understand why they are doing it then they will understand their calling form God to teach them.  

Start by figuring out exactly what teachers and assistants you need then look for people who fit that need. Fill them with the Saturday night vision (that answers the questions above). Once you have them in place- continue to fill them with that vision.

I also understand that you want them in big church weekly but make it okay to take a Sunday off here and there... Does your church record the service? Maybe you can express to the teachers that you want them in service at the very least twice a month but they can also worship from home sometimes using the media provided. (This will help alleviate pressure.)

As far as paid positions- this is my opinion... I refuse to bandaid any situation in my ministry.  It may take away the pain for a little while but underneath there is still a festering wound.  When you put just anybody in a position to "bandaid" it, it could hinder the right person's ability to see God calling them to that teaching spot. Sometimes our best growth comes out of pain and maybe seeing this pain is just what your congregation need to step up to what God is asking them to do.

This isn't specifically about Saturday night but have you read the book, "Simply Strategic Volunteers: Empowering People For Ministry?" I have read this book a couple times and it has helped reshape the way I train up leaders and servants. 


Hi Shannan. We have one Saturday service, and two Sunday services. We hire 4-5 teenagers on the weekends to help make things happen. One does media, one helps in preschool, one is a "floater", and another one oversees our game time experience. Teenager add TONS of energy, which we realized we were lacking on Saturday nights. We pay them $10 an hour for 5 hours or so. It IS difficult recruiting on Saturdays. Maybe ask people to make a bigger commitment, some people aren't attracted to a "once a month thing" they need something bigger. 

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