Hey there you creative geniuses... I am looking for a snappy or better title for a series on the Beatitudes. The word "Beatitudes" really translates better as "Principles for being happy or blessed" rather than anything really related to "attitudes" Any thoughts or interesting words or phrases come to mind?

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Don't Worry, Be Happy

Maybe something with Bees. "Bee Happy" or "Bee Blessed" or "The Bee's Keys to Beeing Happy" or "The Bee-Attitudes".

Some great possibilities with theming..you could call the verse the "Buzzword" or "Honey Words."

Also, you can take some of the imagery from a Bee Movie.

I might use that idea for a series, now that I think about it.

I always title mine "The Beatitudes, The Attitude to Be !" hope this helps.

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