I am a new children leader and I'm still have trouble with my sermons. I NEED HELP any good books, how long, how many points if you have an idea I will take it.

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My children's sermons are 5-6 minutes long. But the "preaching" is done throughout the entire service, which is 75-85 minutes.
I emphasize one main idea. That main idea is illustrated with an object lesson, puppet show or skit. If there are clear points to make or explain the main idea, I limit it to 2-3 and state these once at various times, like with the object lesson or after the skit. This makes the main sermon a summary of the day followed immediately with Hot Line Time, what we call prayer. All main ideas are expository in nature; that is, they start in the context of scripture and get applied to where the children live.

A great book that is applicable to all preaching is Chapell, Bryan. Christ- Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Books, 1994.
Also, I would advise that you focus on less info at any given time. Essentially, they take away more when they only have to take away less.

Instead of remembering, 1. Jesus Loves my neighbors. 2. Jesus loves my family. 3. Jesus loves my friends. 4. Jesus loves me.

You could have them take away more with less by having them remember 1. Jesus loves everyone.

I know it sounds corny, but I find myself putting too much on the plate at times making it harder for them to digest it all. Instead of meal ministry, think Snack Sized Sermons. A little nibble here and there will get them where you want them to go without them getting tummy aches. [corny metaphors like that one make me feel icky].


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