What will you charge for Summer camp for your kids?

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Last summer we were able to do it for $150. We do our own food and teaching, which makes it cheaper. I try to do something where they pay $20-$25 in December (Christmas stocking gift for your child!) and make monthly payments of $20-25 up til camp. Parents love the payment system so it's not so much at one time.

We are located in the SE. The area of the country may affect what people have to charge...hope that starts the discussion...
Camp will cost $165-$185 this year. The district is having a struggle with the campground, as it has not made any money for some time. Sadly, they have even talked about selling it, which to me is as absurd as Children get treated already in the Christian church at large. Fortunately, a plan was put together to better manage the campground and help it be financially successful. Our campground is a very nice facility; I hesitate to call it a "campground." Other states charge as much as $400 for similar facilities. The sewage processing plant is inadequate, and a new one is rather expensive. The local municipality is working with the district to keep it open without forcing a sale.

I like the idea of payments; I think I'll use that with my people!

Consider Summer Day Camp in your own facility.  We've had great success with this sustainable outreach, for our church members as well as the community.


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