This is a true story about a teddy-bear that I found in the street one day.  I still have the bear and tell the story on occasion.  A few years ago, I took the story and had children act it out as part of our Christmas program.  Feel free to use it as a story, skit, etc.

The Lost & Found Bear

By Jamie Doyle

One winter day, a man was arriving home from work.  As he stepped out to cross the street to his home, he froze – He had almost stepped on a small brown, furry stuffed animal stuck in the muddy slushThe man pushed the lump of brown fur with his foot… it flipped over and the man realized that this was, in fact, a teddy bear.  The man picked up the bear and said to himself,

“Someone has forgotten about this bear.”

Looking over the bear the man knew, despite being dirty, smelly and full of mud and slush, that someone, was wondering where this bear was.

“I know, I will just check the neighborhood to see if there is someone missing a teddy bear.”

So the man went right away to the first door.  He knocked, held up the bear and waited for an answer.  The door opened and a mother with a baby answered.  She looked at the man and then gasped at the sight of the grimy bear with the matted fur.

“Oh gross!” She exclaimed.  “Please get that disgusting thing away from my baby.”

“I’m sorry,” the man said.  I thought that the bear might belong to you… or maybe your baby.”

“No, no, no…” The woman replied.  “I would never let that thing into my house – um, thanks for stopping by – now please take that bear away.”

As the door closed the man kind of felt bad for the little bear.  He would’ve hated it if someone had felt that way about him.  

“Oh well… I will have to try the next door.”

As the man approached the next door, he tried to brush some of the gunk off of the bear.  He knocked on the door, and this time held the teddy bear behind his back and waited for an answer.  The door opened and a little girl answered.

“Hello, little girl…  Did you lose a teddy bear?  If  you did, then, I think I have found it – Here it is!”

The man brought the bear out from behind his back and smiled widely just knowing that the little girl would be so happy to see her missing bear.  Suddenly the little girl burst into tears and began to cry loudly.  She ran back into the house.

The man called to her, “Um, little girl are you…”

The man was surprised to see a very large gentleman come to the door next.  “What do you want?!?”

“Well, uh, hmm, let’s see, I was wondering if this, might be, um… yours?”  the man held out the bear once again.

“Are you trying to scare my kid?  Who in their right mind would want to buy that toy?  I don’t have time to buy your bear mister.”  

“I’m not trying to sell anything,” said the man with the bear.  But before he could finish, the big man went back inside and closed the door .

Now the man was very discouraged. “Isn’t there anybody that wants this bear?”

He tried every door on his block but nobody wanted this sorry looking bear.  He came to the last door and decided to give it one last try.  He knocked on the door, held out the bear and waited for an answer.The door opened and an old lady appeared in the doorway.  

The man said, “Ma’am, is this your bear?”

The elder woman said, “What?”

“Is this your bear?” the man asked a little louder.

“Do I have hair?  Well of course I have hair, young man… that is, unless I forgot to put it on this morning… did I forget to put it on this morning?” The old lady asked as she felt the top of her head. “Nope, I didn’t forget – it’s all there.  Sometimes I forget…  Young man, you really should give that bear a bath, he looks terrible!  Now, where did I put my teeth?”  The old lady closed the door.

“Give this bear a bath…. Huh.”  The man looked into the little bear’s eyes. Suddenly, he felt compassion for this little guy. “Yeah, that’s what I will do!  If no one wants this little bear, then I will clean him up and keep him.”  The man immediately marched home determined to do just that.

He got home and right away, went to the sink, filled it with warm water and soap.  Dunked the bear in and brought him out.  The man squeezed the bear and dirty water ran out, into the sink.  He looked down and saw the murky water.  He drained the sink and started over – filling the sink, dunking the bear and squeezing out the dirty water.  The man continued to repeat this process until the water that was squeezed out, finally, ran clean.

The bear was placed in the dryer, and the dial set…

“I’d better set this to… hmmm… I know: fluff!”

After the dryer stopped, the bear was removed.  The man, felt the little fellow’s fur; “He is warm and dry… yep, fluffy.”  He examined the bear;  “He sure did clean up well – he looks almost brand new!”  The man even smelled the bear; “Wow, he even smells clean.”

The man looked into the eyes of the little bear once again.  This time, the little bear’s face was clean.  The man was suddenly very proud of this little guy – even happy to have him in his house.

“I know just the place for you…”  the man held up the bear to have one more good look at him.  He took the bear over to a shelf.  On the shelf were other items that were important to the man.  He pushed them aside and set the bear in the middle. “There, now every time I see you, I will be reminded of God’s love for us.”

You see, the man thought of the purpose for God coming to this earth as a baby – a baby who would grow to be a man.  He saw that we ourselves were lost, left alone and full of muck of this world.  He lifts us up, takes us with Him and cleans us up.  He looks upon us with love and has made us his most valuable possession.

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I absolutely love this story. I shared it with my wife and she loved it also.
Thank you for sharing this. I currently have storytime with a group of children that we are tutoring from a local school. I am planning on sharing this story with them next month.
Hey guys,

thanks so much for your kind words. What I love about this story is that it's true! Have fun with it and change some lives!

Be Blessed,

Thanks for sharing... I loved it! Will be using it tonight! 

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