Hey everyone,

A while back I came across a newer kids worship focused group.  They had the heavy electronic beat and I think their songs were all scripture.  I can't remember the name though, anyone have suggestions?

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Was it this: Jumpstart3

They are friends of mine... good stuff!

www.worshipforkids.com has praise and worship cds and dvds,  they include hand motions.  I have been using this with my kids at church and they love the songs

What it "The Rizers?" http://www.therizers.com/

It was Jumpstart3!  Thanks Michael.  I have used worship for kids and the rizers before and love them too!

Shannan, thanks for serving kids! Please me know what your looking for. You can get all of our music, motions and family devotions at www.jumpstart3.com or just email me at jeff@jumpstart3 and I'll help you anyway I can!

Seeds of Worship is also a great resource! It is simply Bible verses set to music! When you order you get 2 for the price of 1, one to keep and one to give away as in spreading the seed. It is a very awesome concept! I can't get some of them out of my head, and that's a good thing!

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