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From Sheila:
My most frustrating thing with children is when you are in the middle of your lesson and a child says, "This is stupid. I don't want to do this!" Then no matter what you say or do changes that child and the rest of the room joins in with the sentiment.
Sheila Halasz
From Janie Gausmann:
My most frustrating discipline issue is the paretns who hold the umbrella over their kids so that nota drop of rain falls on thier little heads. their child can have no correction albeit so so small or gentle or they are crushed for ever, yet they can act up and be wild on a whim. I dont get that parenting style. Or that train of thought from the kids that they are untouchable. I can do whatever but if you put me in check, I am going to crumble emotionally.
Leona Richardson Becker
I have three siblings in my class and they have to away top the other one's comment or story or completely disagree with whatever one of the others say. I've tried all kinds of things from discipline to encouragement. Help!
Vanda Hoecher
The repeat offender...same issues week after week...
Greydon Cochrane
my most frustrating one has to do with parents who try and be friends to their kids. When I have the children in kids' church or Weds. Night they seem to do whatever they want, and don't listen to any leaders. Only to find out that they (the kids) can do whatever they want at home. No discipline. I try and tell the parents that their kid needs to be disciplined and they shrug it off! AHHHHH!!!
Henry Zonio
My most frustrating discipline issue is talking to a child who seems to be ignoring you... on purpose!
Belinda Serrano
I think for me, it's the vast variety of discipline styles with our workers. I'm the kind of person that if I tell you once, I expect you to do it. Then there are others who give numerous chances to the same kid who keeps doing the same thing. With those types of styles (and I don't condone them, it's just not how I do things)...AND everything in between, I guess I'm trying to understand the kids' point of view on discipline. How am I expected to teach kids how to act when so many different tactics are used?
Naomi Beckwith Kraenbring
We have reached out to some community children who bring a lot of "baggage" with them, and that leads to multiple types of behavior issues, especially defiance and a lack of respect. This has snowballed into our elementary-age teachers not returning to continue to teach, and some parents pulling their children out of Sunday school/midweek program altogether because they don't want their kids with "those" kids. I can see both sides of the coin, and it is a very difficult issue that has become divisive at times in our congregation. :( And yet these children (and their families, who are even more difficult to reach) *so* need to hear about the love that God has to offer ...
Suzanne Olmsted Thorenson
Parents who live in denial. No child, not even theirs or mine, is perfect...that's why we need God!

We also run into a lot of very high energy kids, especially after being kept inside all day during a cold ND winter. Sometimes we don't even have the chance to explain a high energy game because they can't stay still long enough.
Katrina Templin
A nine year old who's parents are in the middle of a divorce, and his mother has told him every detail of his father's affair...and she has no will to discipline him at all.
Janet Landwehr
That 1 autistic child who you want so badly to reach, but due to his (her) call in life, they seem unreachable. This particular child seems to not fit in with other churches and we want to reach him (and his mother). At this time we do not have a special needs class or anyone called to help with special needs kids and this one child will take his frustration out on other kids around him. Justified or not. If we move him to a less stimulated environment he would not be with children his own age. But if he stays with children his own age, then the curriculum we are doing that is great for the rest of the group (25+ kids in his age group) seems to overstimulates him and he then acts out. Most discipline problems I can handle, but this one seems special in nature and is a bit harder to handle than the "norm".
My most frustrating discipline issue is a grade 5 child whose parent( non christian ) has no capability of discipline him. -- We cry hard to God once we reach the peak.

My worst frustrating discipline issue is an "over protective" mother( christian ) who always thinks her son is behaving well and normal. She listens to the boy, and often comes to "find the reason". :)



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