I wonder if anyone is using Kidmo/Lil K for a Sunday School hour? How does that work out for you? I am looking at new materials for our 45 minute "Life Group" session and wondering if we could make it work?

Thanks for your input and insights!

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I use it for Sunday School, but I think 45 minutes might be cutting it pretty close. You don't want to rush through the small group/processing time or skip the worship time.
And one of the elements I really like is the opening free play time. It gives the kids a chance to settle in and transition before the learning begins. It's a great time to greet visitors and catch up with kids who've been away for a few weeks.

we used to run a 1.15min progam last year, including worship in that time. we picked and chose what we used to fit each week. so some weeks we did the Qtime, others we did the game, and we dropped things like kwizmo and incorportated some of the questions into the Qtime and the game. we made it fit, the teaching including the memory verse segment is only about 10-15min so it leaves plenty of time to connect with the other elements


We use KIDMO for 6 weeks during the summer months to give our year round Storytellers and actors a break.  The kids love it, but they get tired of it quickly because they are used to a full stage production each week, so it all depends on what your kids are accustomed to.  Johnny Rogers is very funny and very engaging as a video host, and the product is high quality.  You will learn some new things and get a lot of good ideas from watching Johnny Rogers in his videos and specifically the techniques he uses to engage kids.


We use Lil K all year long in our 3 and 4 year old venue.  Our pre-school kids love it and so do our volunteers.  There are far less supplies and advance preparation needed as compared to a more traditional pre-school curriculum, and the kids never seem to get bored with it.  Lil K offers almost a complete 2 year cycle, so your kits run out just when it's time to move them up the next age level program.  If you like Blues Clues, you'll love this.

We have used both as a Mid-week and I think they could easily be adapted to Sunday morning.  Thought 45 min will be cutting it close for Kidmo.  

I use the Lil K for Sunday School, and you definitely could do it in 45 minutes, but maybe re-structure, so that your coming in time could be snack and conversation stations , video time, then craft, discussion time perhaps.  

I use it in a 1 1/2 hour program, but we have a longer coming in and conversation time, as well as a longer application snack/craft time.



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