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The Kids Ministry Collective (KMC) is a radio podcast on cmconnect. Our desire is to use the strength of the collective knowledge and experience of the kids ministry community to help encourage, strengthen, sharpen and entertain the people who will listen.  We will use this group, our facebook group, and cmconnect chat to interact and get ideas and questions to discuss.  Feel free to share--the collective is stronger when more are involved.

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Free kidmin curriculum from High Voltage Kids Ministry

Started by Ron Brooks Nov 14, 2013. 0 Replies

Thanks to Brian Dollar for allowing the KMC to give away HELP! a great curriculum from High Voltage Kids Ministry. Check out the details here …Continue

Kid Ministry Collective - Live Show Dec 6 9PM EST

Started by Tom Bump Dec 6, 2012. 0 Replies

Tonight's show is all about Planning and Vision Casting: We'll look at various perspectives with our special guest Todd McKeever .  We will think through some of the common issues and challenges that…Continue

Tags: Organizing, Kidmin, Planning, Casting, Vision

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Comment by Tom Bump on January 7, 2014 at 11:24pm

KMC Show - Jan 9, 2014  9 PM Eastern

Kids Ministry and the Modern Family!  Join us for a great show about the modern family today and how we can best minister to them. You can listen live here on CM Connect and chat with us during the live show!!

Comment by Josh Baker on June 6, 2013 at 3:21pm

Hi Werner,

I have done (and been a part of) community drawing events for over ten years. I've seen a lot of variety in my days...bottom line, I believe a couple things:

1 You have to have a good understanding of your community. Nothing said here or by anyone else may work in your area as every area I've been a part of is uniquely different. What works in one area, probably won't work in another. Only you can study and get to know you area and what makes it respond to things. This usually takes a lot of time (years) and lots of observation. What do people go to in large numbers in your area? Can you create a church version of that?

2 What HAS worked for us is suprisingly not the things you might think. VBS, July 4th Carnival, and a Fall Festival Carnival do NOT bring in the community and get them to return. We do these for our own people's benefit and enjoyment. If these attract any "outsiders" they are always just people from other churches. What HAS worked has been our Christmas Play and our Easter Passion Play. Course these really just cause other church people to come and "stick" at your church. They really aren't non-christian folks we're all looking to attract. These efforts listed so far just "shift sheep" from one church to another. In all my time the only event that has truly drawn non-christian community to our church and caused them to stay has been our health and fitness program called Bod4God (you can google it).

3 Why does B4G work? It offers a solution to a secular need without promoting "religion" up front. Its very non-threatening and a lot of people recognize they have a weight problem. They don't necessarily see they have a spiritual need (at first). You have to tap into a perceived need in your community that people know they need help with. (this could be weight, food, clothing, counseling, childcare etc) Now with ours, they become part of an accountability team and a weight competition (in addition to the teaching) that keeps them plugged in and comming over a couple months time frame. During this time they see other things going on at our church and meet other people and usually like what they see and after the B4G program ends for them, they have already found other things and other people they like and continue to come. (we do Awana in parallel with the B4G program at the same time and a lot of the community comes to like it for the kids)

3 You'll also notice that this program was for the adults and not the kids. We actually had to give the adults a reason to come before we got the kids. (now once they come, it flip flopped in a lot of cases. If we had good kids programs and the adults brought their kids, the kids would want to stay and thus we got our retention through a good kids program)

4. As far as our best meathod of promotion, its really comes down to advertising in secular venues (we promote B4D in a 5K race magazine, on tv, radio, etc) and sending out very eye-catching (yet very $$$) postcards to our local zip code and also to new move-ins (these are addresses you can acquire someone, not sure how we do it) This stuff "somewhat" works although its not a very high return on your investment. I think most people come in the door now days for B4G because someone has told them about it or seen our pastor's book in a bookstore or online or they run 5K and come to ours we do.

Comment by Werner on June 4, 2013 at 5:10pm

I have a question. How and what have you done to overcome the Growth Hump? Our Children and Youth Ministry does not want to seem to grow, or create excitement in the community, for visitors to come. We have no visitors or new Youth come for Youth Group. For Children's Ministry, we have a new group every 4-6 months. (we have a core group of 3-4 kids, who come regularly - like my daughter). What has been done to: 1. Create Excitement,
2.  Get the congregration to invite their family, their friends to bring their kids to church, to check it out.

Is it events, or programs, or getting into the schools, or advertising?

We have tried a few ways, and it is like we are stuck at the 10-18 kids in Kids Church, and 3 Youth in Youth Group.

Comment by Tom Bump on June 4, 2013 at 3:07pm

HEY KMC PEEPS!! Our next show is Thursday Night June 6, 9 PM Eastern.  ITs our first ever ASK KMC!! show. Meaning we want you to ask the questions! Anything you want to talk about in Kidmin, Fammin, Parentmin! Let's  have some fun around the "virtual table" talking. Like a group of friends sittin at Steak n Shake!  Feel free to post your question here! We'll answer it on air! Or join us live on CM Connect and we can chat live or on air with you!  Let's make the KMC come alive!!

Comment by Linda Ranson Jacobs on April 23, 2013 at 1:53pm

I have a coaching session tonight with a couple. If I can I'll join you but it is looking pretty iffy.

Linda Ranson Jacobs

Comment by Ron Brooks on April 23, 2013 at 1:44pm

Tonight on KMC--- We will be talking about leadership as we have the honor to interview Brian Dollar from High Voltage Kids Ministry and author of "I Blew It"  This interview was supposed to be last Thursday, but because of tech issues, we decided to do it tonight. Hope you can make it--- 9pm EST here on cmconnect.

Comment by Ron Brooks on March 21, 2013 at 2:53pm

Hey everyone---we are talking Summer on KMC tonight. If you are free, plan to join us here on cmconnect at 9pm EST.  We want to discuss summer plans, events, outreach, etc. We welcome you to share some of your plans with the rest of us--either post here, on FB, or better yet, live in the chat room and call in. Hope to see you in a few hours!

Comment by Ron Brooks on February 28, 2013 at 5:09pm

Mark your calendars, because Yancy will be our special guest next Thursday! (March 7th @ 9pm EST)

Comment by Ron Brooks on February 18, 2013 at 6:58pm

What are your big Easter plans? We will be discussing some creative approaches to outreach, beyond the typical Easter Egg Hunt. What do you plan to do for Easter? Any ideas how we can be more effective in our outreach plans? How can we measure the success of an event? Help us out and join in the conversation!

Comment by Ron Brooks on January 24, 2013 at 5:10pm

Tune in tonight when we talk about our experience at CPC.  If you were there, make sure to call in or at least join in the chat room to share.  If you werent there, you can still listen to hear what everyone learned.


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