I produce my own videos to supplement and re-enforce the topics we discuss in our Ministry program "Gospelpalooza!". I really hope to get some Christian clipart (and graphics, photos) software/programs to help add to these videos... Any suggestions?

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There are some things that you can get off of istockphoto.com it's a paid site that has a few Bible Themed graphics in a couple of different styles.

Not only that but another option is taking a kid's illustrated Bible and tearing off the pages and scanning them into the computer and using those in the program. I've done this with both handdrawn images and things scanned in from an illustrated Bible and put them into Apple's Motion software and add in some zooms and pans (very simple movements) to add a little bit of illustration to a story. This can also be done in video editing software with some simple keyframing.
J.C. Love to see some of what you have produced in Motion!
Josh and Kate Richter said:
J.C. Love to see some of what you have produced in Motion!

well here is a link to what I did with it. Man this was ages ago. http://vimeo.com/8121540



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