*Elevate Peak #2 Curriculum Available*

This following base packs are available:

*Kingdom Tales

*Kingdom Tales Jr.

*Super Sports Spectacular

*Starlight Station- (SOLD)

*Journey Below the Earth (SOLD)

*To the Depths! A Undersea Adventure

*To the Depths! Jr.

*Spy Chase

*Spy Chase Jr.

We also have extra small group DVD's and Watch It Live DVD's for each base pack.

Each base pack is available for $90 each and free shipping. 

Please let us know if you are interested. 

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I would like to purchase Starlight Station. Please let me know how you would like me to pay if it is still available.


Hi Marilyn,

Yes, Starlight Station is still available. We are happy that you can use this curriculum. It would be great if you could send a check for $90 to Calvary Chapel of Oxnard at 1925 Eastman Ave., Oxnard, CA 93030. Please put Children's Ministry-Elevate Curriculum on the memo line and Attn. Children's Ministry on the envelope. You can email me the address that you would like for us to send the package to. My email address is gina@calvaryoxnard.org. 


Gina (Sharon's assistant)

I am interested in Super Sports Spectacular.



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