With the growth we have experienced in our communities, we have decided now is a time to adopt some community guidelines. Our goal with these guidelines is to protect our community and keep it in line with our mission statement to be PURE.

We ask that your conduct in our community be filtered with the fruit of the spirit:

Love, Joy, Peace and Patience
Sometimes the context of what is written is lost or misinterpreted. With this in mind, please respond to others with respect and patience. In this community there are many different talents, forms of worship, beliefs, convictions, and denominations... please be respectful. If you want to debate more serious issues or have a strong point of view on something, start a group with a disclaimer letting people know what your perspective will be and that the group is for debating serious matters you are passionate about and disagreements may occur.

Kindness, Goodness, and Faithfulness
In order to control the type of content on our site we ask that our members help us police the area. If you notice something that is blatantly disrespectful, inappropriate content, or offensive, please notify our team immediately. Our emergency email address is 911@pureconnect.org.

We appreciate that our members are very passionate about their ministry. To support you in your ministry and in your ambitions to use your talents to serve the Lord we allow anyone to create groups for free. We recommend you use our "Invite" function to get the word out about your group. When you send an invitation to someone and they accept it, they will automatically be sent to your group to check it out. In your group area you are allowed to post content about your ministry, including whatever you are selling. You may also post this information on your personal page.

Personal Profile
Because our groups are free to our members we suggest that you do not use your ministry or business name for your personal profile. The "Groups" area is for this. We ask that our members use their name and profile picture (not a logo) for their page. The content on your page or group page can be all about your ministry. Using your name as your profile name would help us to get to know you; therefore building community. However, this isn't something you have to do. It is just something we recommend our members do. We believe our members will get more out of their relationships here if they use their real name. Again, this is not a requirement but a guideline meant to protect our community and make sure our members get the most out of the connections they form here.

Gentleness and Self Control
Advertising Options
Posting unsolicited advertisements throughout our community can easily be interpreted as self promoting and can become a hindrance to forming relationships. Before you post something on a wall or send a message, ask yourself: Is this uplifting? What is my goal? Is this something I have copied and pasted or something God has laid on my heart to share with this individual? If the answer to these questions are that you want to promote your ministry please use visit our FAQs for advertising options or start your own group and then invite people through the group.

Member's Controls
When you become friends with someone or join a group, you are giving them permission to send you messages and updates about their ministry. if you are receiving unwanted messages from someone, you can remove their wall posts by clicking on the little "x" in the top right of every message. You can also remove your friendship with someone by going to your friends tab and clicking on "Remove." You may also leave a group at any time by clicking on the link that says "Leave Group" just above the group members area.
Example: it's cool to invite people to join your group or to broadcast messages to members of your group or to your friends list. It's not cool to lift email addresses from our site and use them for your mailing list or to post the same message on everyone's wall when they join. This is spam.

Spamming is:

  • sending unsolicited messages in any form to members of our sites
  • posting advertisements about your ministry on other member's pages without their permission to do so
  • taking advantage of our free community
  • offensive and will not be tolerated

Spamming is not:

  • telling other members about a forum, group, or event you have created on cmconnect.org
  • broadcasting a message to members of your group
  • sending a message to all of your friends on cmconnect
  • posting a url link within a forum or blog if it is relevant to the conversation
  • tolerated in any form on our sites If you are spamming our community you will be banned with or without notice.

 We invite you to support our free community through our advertising program not through spam.

Final Thoughts... Our community was created to be a free place to connect with others who are passionate about serving Christ. We are making every effort to keep it PURE. We thank you for your support in making this a place to share ideas and to connect with others serving Christ in ministry.

Last updated by Michael Chanley Dec 18, 2012.


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