There are a few ways that you can upload photos to a network.

The easiest way is to use the Quick Add feature. When signed into a network you will see the Quick Add drop-down menu near the top of the right column. To quickly add photos, select Photos from the list and a pop-up menu should appear. Click the Browse button to locate your photo on your computer. Once you’ve selected your photo/s click Upload Photos to complete the process.

If you’d like to upload more than 4 photos at once or you want to include meta information such as title, author, and privacy settings for each photo you can use the Bulk Media Uploader. To use the bulk uploader just navigate to the photos section and follow the directions.

You can also add photos by phone or email. At the bottom of the “Add Photos” page, click on the “More Information” link for a unique email address to use to add photos to the network. The subject of the email becomes the title of the photo and the body becomes the description.

Last updated by Michael Chanley Jul 16, 2009.


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