Here is a quick link to add new videos. If you need more help, please continue to read.

How to add videos to this site:
In the right hand column, under your name, you will see a drop down box that says, "Quick Add..."
Click on the down arrow then click on Video.
Click the button that says: "Browse."
Navigate to the file in your computer you would like to add.
Click "Open" then "Add Video."

Note: you can also click on "More Options" for easy steps to add videos from other sources, including your mobile device. Your video may take a little bit to load depending on computer speed and video size.

To embed a video (add it to your profile, group, blog, or forum discussion):
Go to "My Page."
Navigate to the link in the left hand column under your profile picture and click on "Videos."
Find the video you would like to embed then click on it.
Under every video there will be an option that says: "<>Get Embed Code." Click on it.
A drop down box will appear with an option to copy the embed code or copy the url.
~ When you copy and paste the url it will create a link to your video.
~ When you copy and paste the embed code it will allow you to embed your video in numerous places in our community and at other sites.

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