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Need help getting kids to bed? Try Nite Lite. Tonight is Trouble and a long tongue.

"Nite Lite" is pajamas and the Bible mixed up with a half hour of adventure, laughter and music. 

Click here to go to tonight's show.

Hope you enjoy the show!


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American Idol & Children's Ministry

Take a look at Three Questions we should ask Idol contestants and Children's Ministry leaders at CM Buzz

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Repost: Staying Dynamic In Children’s Ministry: #1 Creative Space

(photo originally uploaded to Flickr by Torley)

A few months ago I put up…


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Repost: What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry: Why I Chose Ingenuity

I thought I’d repost my reason for choosing the word, INGENUITY, after the amazing conversation I was able to have with other kidmins around the word during the What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry Video Conference. I will also be following up during this week with…


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Leader or Driver?

What's the difference between being a Leader and a Driver? Check it out at www.relevantchildrensministry.blogspot.com. Included a video example of both.

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#33: build a better meeting (reputation) part 2

happy monday! hoping you had a weekend filled with love & grace.

two weeks ago, we started part 1 of build a better meeting reputation. because everyone has a meeting reputation. we discussed 3 common (mostly negative) meeting reputations i’ve seen in church leaders. the truth is, i see more poorly led meetings than well led meetings. hence, the reason i began this series …


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Family Pick - Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Collector's Edition Yahtzee Game from USAopoly!

Games are a wonderful "tool" for families and for children's ministries . . . our Family Pick for the next two weeks is games from USAopoly! Today I'm reviewing Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Collector's Edition Yahtzee - this game includes custom dice featureing classic Coca-Cola icons such as the contour bottle, red disc icon, Arden Square, bell soda glass, tin sign and six-pack, a collectible Coca-Cola Bell glass dice shaker, custom score pad and pencil and is for one or more players ages 8 to… Continue

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Parenting Advice: Know your kid’s strengths and weaknesses.

How do you do that? The only way I know is by spending large amounts of time with your kids. I don’t like like to get in the middle of the quality vs. quantity debate because I can’t pick a side. I think kids need large amounts of focused time. I have to admit between my workload, iPhone, and other mac products this can be a challange. I am working on being fully present with my…


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Fammin vs Kidmin debate yada, yada, yada

Over the past month or two it’s been interesting to see this little debate pop up here and there and everyone voice their opinion. I’ll be real honest, when I first saw the posts popping up, I immediately assumed it was a sensationalistic stunt to stir stuff up, get lots of comments and make a scene. Like I could start a blog post saying that Sunday School is irrelevant and dead to…


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Outreach! Vacation Bible School . . . and more!

Okay, so after we consider refocusing our Sunday school to focus on being "outreach ready" what other thing are we probably already doing for "outreach"? Well, in many, if not most, churches in this country Vacation Bible School is the main, if not only, outreach of the church calendar year. This past month of January I've focused on VBS with curriculum reviews, side-by-side comparison charts, how to plan your VBS, train your volunteers and so much more; so it only seems appropriate to…


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Fammin is…Pt. 4


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Kidmin Volunteer Radio Show #2 Notes: Kidmin Resources

Last Thursday, we did our second Kidmin Volunteer Radio show and talked about volunteer resources.  There were so many that the show actually ran 20 minutes long and we still didn’t get to everything.  Here are the resources mentioned in the show with links where appropriate (I will add links as time permits, but I wanted to get the list out as soon as…


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Outreach! Sunday School . . . and more!

This week we will look at Outreach. When it comes to outreach we all know we should do it . . . and we do want to do it, but deciding what to do and then how and when to do it can be almost overwhelming. I mean, we are all busy . . . in many cases, too busy. Planning an outreach can, and likely will, add another thing to our "plate", so we need to consider some important questions before we move forward with our outreach.


First of all, should we have outreach? Clearly there…


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Monday Morning Prophecy #62 – The Messiah Would Be Called the Son of God



We all know Jesus as the Son of God. That title was prophesied in the Old Testament thousands of years prior to his birth.

Old Testament Prophecy

He is the one who will build a house for my Name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever. I will be his…


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Looking for a VBS alternative do an Open House.

(Tickets we used to promote the event)

One of the outreach/in reach activities we do at our church for our kids ministry is an Open House.

Why do we do it? – We do an open house every year for a few reasons.

1. We want to take a…


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My job requires that I be around a lot of people.  There are different levels of people that are in my life – family, close friends, friends, acquaintances, people I know and people that…


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Alex Brown, Extreme Home Makeover and Websefely.com

Alex Brown was killed a year and a half ago in a car accident at the young age of 17, her family was on Extreme Home Makeover tonight. I can rarely watch that show without getting emotional. Tonight it was beyond sad, it was gut wrenching. There are few things that get me super emotional but when kids die to early I have a difficult time watching. I would have normally turned it but I saw she was…


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What Children Need To Know

As the Real Kidz Creative Team is embarking on creating and launching a curriculum to reflect the vision of our local church body, Cottonwood Church, I am pondering on the basic question of all children's ministry. Obviously, the whole counsel of God yes, that. And yes, our curriculum has to be aligned with the vision of the church and our tenets of faith. That too. Specifically for our special target audience, I must ask myself the question, "What is that the kids need to…


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A Moment of Reflection

Mondays I generally try to shine a spotlight on one of the Awana missionaries in the U.S. If you haven’t read those posts, then I encourage you to see the list of all the Awana Missionaries that have been highlighted to this point. Today, I am going to divert from that for a moment and look at a bigger picture. The legacy that each of us leaves, the tapestry that we weave as we reach others for Jesus.…


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Nite Lite (pajama radio for families) 01/30/11 - "Sir Malcom & the Missing Prince, Pt 8" & The Pond "Bullies"

Tonight in "Sir Malcom and the Missing Prince," Lady Mary asks Hugh a question that could change his life. And then in "The Pond," Tony finds his name on the Bully List! After that, Paul tells us the one thing the other apostles asked him to do.

Click on the link below to go to tonight's…


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