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VBS Give-Away - Arrow Island Kit!

I'm happy today to announce another VBS give-away . . . Regular Baptist Press is giving me 

one of the VBS kits for one of you to win! On Arrow Island, "children will learn to make good choices and discover the importance of choosing obedience, godly friends, kindness, courage and active…


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Take the Time to Support and Appreciate Your Vacation Bible School Volunteers!

There are so many things to think about and do when it comes to getting ready for your Vacation Bible School, but I want to add one more thing to your list. Don't worry . . . this thing is so much fun! Plan now to implement a complete volunteer support and appreciation ministry! In this day and age we are all so busy . . . and yet, in spite of being busy you have people who have volunteered to serve on your VBS team! We do not need any other reason to support and appreciate our…


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Building Team Leaders

In my last post, I talked about moving people from renter to owner, and I gave the following steps for recruiting high capacity volunteers to be team leaders:

  1. Identify a TASK that needs aTEAM LEADER.
  2. Write a brief description of the DUTIES that team leader will perform.
  3. Identify one person with an already high level of RESPONSIBILITY and talk…

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The One Guaranteed Thing Kids Will Remember From Your Lesson


There is one thing, if you use it, that I…


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The Big Secret to Kids Remembering Your Lesson


Do you want kid's to remember what you teach?  Here's the…


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Fasting for Kids: an Engaging Lesson and Take Home

Check out my post on a lesson and take home activity to help kids understand fasting. 

Lynne Howard

Children's Pastor


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Free eBook About Sermon Preparation

I have just finished up a new eBook called "5 Easy Steps to Creating Great Sermons."

This short book basically walks you through some simple steps on how to create dynamic lessons and sermons, it doesn't matter if you have been writing sermons for years or never have.

I tried to keep it is such a way that you can use it to write a lesson for young kids, teens, adults or even a small group.

Please check it out and share with anyone that you think…


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How to help single parents de-stress their children

In the post yesterday we talked about using nature at church to help de-stress the child of divorce. It’s a lonely world out there when you are parenting alone and your kid gets stressed out over something you have no control over. As kidmin kind of people it is good to have a few suggestions to help parents parenting alone.

When I was a single parent my kids and I stumbled onto the idea of going outside to calm us down. My son ran; I walked…


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I Have a Winner & Another Give-Away in Two Days!

I'm happy to say Missy Copeland is the winner of the Game On! Digital Curriculum! (You'll find the review at this link) Thank you Missy for reading About the Children's Department (please message me your address by February 6, 2014 so I can have it sent to you) and thank you NextGen4Christ for making it available for me to give…


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Be Sure to Train Your Volunteers for Vacation Bible School!

I absolutely understand how difficult it is to get volunteers to attend teacher training . . . we are all so busy! But, when it comes to presenting the best, most effective VBS it is essential your volunteers are trained; so schedule your training now and be sure to communicate to your volunteers the training is an absolutely essential, not-to-be-missed event! Consider the following . . . …


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All Pro Dad book review

All Pro Dads.cover All Pro Dad book review

All Pro Dad” by Mark Merrill focuses on seven key influencers that each man can take to influence and win the…


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10 ways to use God’s glory to de-stress the child of divorce

I’m always on the look out for resources that can help us better minister to the child of divorce. Currently I’m reading, “Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv. What is interesting about this book is the fact that it verifies my thoughts I’ve had for years about stressed out children. Stressed kids and children with ADHD and other behavior disorders need to be outside. He says they have a “nature-deficit disorder”.

Over all kids in our world are showing more signs of stress – all…


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So I am new to this missions thing. Where do I start?

Start by grasping the basis for missions, the fact that Gods fatherly heart beats to save his lost children. Get a quick overview of a book that helped me understand Gods mission and mine.


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Today - January 29, 2014 - Frames Live - FREE On-line Conference from Barna!

Last night I received an email with info about a FREE conference which you can "attend" from George Barna . . . FRAMES Live! It looks really interesting; and like there will be a wealth of excellent and helpful information, so even though it is extremely short notice, I wanted to let you know in case you are able to watch at least some of it!…


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I Have Two Winners & Another VBS Kit Give-Away!

I'm happy to say Gina Ingram is the winner of Rivet the Puppet and Krystle Heath is the winner of The Story of the Holy Land: A Visual History! (You'll find the reviews at this …


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VBS 2014 - Promoting Your Vacation Bible School

So, you've spent time reading Vacation Bible School reviews - such as the ones you'll find on Ministry-to-Children and here on my blog . . . look under the tab at the top entitled VBS - and plan to sign out a couple kits on consignment from your local Christian bookstore. You've evaluated the themes and…


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Owners vs. Renters

I certainly can’t claim this as an original idea, but it’s a thought of which we as leaders should remind ourselves and those we lead. One of the tasks of leadership is to move people in our organizations from the mindset of a “renter” to that of an “owner.” Let’s break it down.

Renters encroach; owners invest. Renters often cause problems; owners are always responsible for fixing problems. Renters rarely restore; owners are always looking to renovate.

These are not necessarily…


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Should I FORCE My Kids to Go to Church?

I hear from parents all the time,”I don’t want to FORCE my children to go to church because then they’ll just hate me and God.” My gut response is “Well, you FORCE them to eat the foods you want them to eat right? Why? Because it’s healthy. Church is healthy too, so it’s okay to FORCE them to do that too.”

But what if I told you I am completely AGAINST forcing your kids to go to church? For those that know me, you’re probably…


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Disney Channel Introduces It's First Lesbian Couple

The Disney Channel just introduced it's first-ever lesbian couple on the series "Good Luck Charlie." (the clip is below)

A Disney…


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Social Media: What Does God See?

A few years ago John Piper voiced a thought about not only the dangers, but the potential of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al. He began by pointing out that there are two typical responses to the media:

Response 1: Since these sites weaken discursive reassigning, tend…


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