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I Would Love to Connect with You At ACSI - March 7-8, 2013 - Lancaster, PA

Would love to connect with you, March 7-8, 2013, at ACSI, Lancaster, PA.  I will be keynoting, teaching seminars and exhibiting.  Please drop by our booth to ask me any questions about oru music and curriculum resources.

For more information about the convention, click HERE.

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7 Keys to Effective Volunteer Training

 photo 978fc178-5e41-4f22-b832-66af295b2502_zps3e433ca0.jpg

Someone said the reason people don't attend volunteer training is because they have been before.

We all grapple with how to make volunteer training effective.  How can we…


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Show Your Community You Care . . . Offer Free Family Fun Events!

Churches used to be the center of community life - families went to church on Sunday, children went to church for school all week and the community used the church for gatherings and special events. Times have certainly changed. In far too many cases, today our churches are viewed as places for "church people", not places for the community. Let's think about how we can "throw open the doors of our churches", welcome our community in and see if we can re-establish our churches as the…


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Why I’m Opposed to Traditional Marriage

The title of this post probably catches you by surprise and you may be shutting me out before you even read this post. I don’t know, but I would ask that you read these thoughts and comment.

a_happy_marriage_picture Before I’m “stoned”, I need to say that I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. So why am I opposed to traditional marriage? When we speak to people who do not…


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Urbanization what part will your church have in it

With roughly 84% of Americans now living in cities, many of which are marked by communities in desperate need of revitalization, what does this mean for the church in the coming years? Can current church models have a lasting impact in urban areas?

Over on…


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Two of the Most Damaging Words to Say to Your Teen

Words are tricky. They have different meanings in different circles, inflections can alter intent (or even definition in some countries) and their omission often speaks louder than the words themselves. 

Words are power and some words are more powerful than others. 

Two words that I have found to be quite powerful are, “We’ll see.” They may not seem like much and in the right context, with the right inflection, they can actually…


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The Voice of The Volunteer

The Voice of A Volunteer

by Joe Montoya


Just a few years ago, I left the ministry to work in the secular field before realizing that my season of employment in the ministry was not done. Although I was no longer a staff member at my church, I didn’t leave children’s ministry. I spent…


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Parent Meetings and or Parent Advisory Councils

Those that have experience with these, what are some questions or topics of discussions you have presented when meeting with parents in a group session?

Added by Bob Flaming on February 27, 2013 at 11:13am — 1 Comment

How Does Your Children's Ministry Support Parents With Special Needs Children?

I've been posting about family ministry and how to be intentional and effective in your family ministry, but what about your ministry to families where they have a child with special needs? Does your children's ministry provide the support and encouragement these parents need? Loretta Baughan wrote a powerful and thought provoking post on Modern Day Eugenics on her blog, …


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Make Intentional Prayer the Cornerstone of Your Family/Children's Ministry

Okay, I'm all for praying for one another, but how often when we pray for others do we pray "generic prayers" opposed to prayers specifically for someone? Even when we know someone has things we can pray about, how often do we actually talk to them to find out what they would most appreciate being remembered in prayer on their behalf? Yes, it takes time to sit down and actually talk to someone, but if we are serious about praying intentionally for those in our church and ministry, how…


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Some sample security videos to give you ideas.

Today's training is on video.  One video details the fire procedure https://vimeo.com/60017798 and the second one details the tornado procedure http://vimeo.com/60020492

Find more on Journeykids.net

Thanks Pastor Bob Griffith


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Are Your Cribs Compliant with the New Government Standards?

We recently had to update all…

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urgency for the lost…


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Mercy and Grace

One of my biggest pet peeves is lying. It’s one of the fastest ways to break a relationship and I can’t stand when my children do it to me…but my point isn’t about lying, that’s just a setup to help you better understand this story:

One of my boys developed a habit of lying…some were pretty small, some were a decent size – they all needed to go. To help him understand the pain that lying…


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#Multisite + #Kidmin

7 reasons why every Kidmin person should be a student of multisite structure.multi-site

If you really think about it, Children’s Ministry…


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Fathers Matter . . . How Do We Translate This to Children's Ministry?

If our family ministries are going to be genuinely effective, we have to engage, educate and equip dads. I watched a short clip on YouTube about how fathers matter to a child's education. Take a moment to watch it and then consider the questions below . . . …


Added by Lynda Freeman on February 26, 2013 at 7:13am — 1 Comment

Family Ministry Resource . . . everyday talk!

As I've been saying, if we are serious about equipping, encouraging and supporting the parents in our church and community, we also need to be serious about finding, and getting the word out about, excellent resources to help parents be more effective in passing on a legacy of faith to their children. I just had the opportunity to review one such excellent resource . . . …


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Interactive Worship How To Video

I ran across this and thought I would share it with everyone. For those who need just a little help or maybe some encouragement on how you already worship.



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