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Let There Be Light - I'm Giving One Away!

There certainly is no shortage of picture books about creation, but a new book from 

Desmond Tutu, illustrated by Nancy Tillman, brings a wonder, delight and awe to this account which shares how; "In the very beginning, God's love bubbled over when there was nothing else - no trees, no birds, no…


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Safe Nurseries + Safe Equipment = Welcoming & Effective Ministry!

It really does matter if the nurseries in our churches are safe places for babies. If they are not clean and safe, then parents won't - and shouldn't - leave their children in the nursery. If parents aren't able to leave their children in the nursery, they very well may not come to church and we lose the opportunity to impact a child's life from the very beginning; which means we lose the influence we are able to have on an entire family. Nursery ministry is not just about…


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Divorce hurts kids – literally divorce hurts

http://blog.dc4k.org | ljacobs@dc4k.org

Divorce hurts kids – literally divorce hurts


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VeggieTales Veggies in Space - I'm Giving One Away!

What do you get when you combine several space themes, talking veggies, humor and a solid message? The new VeggieTales story: Veggies in Space, and it does not disappoint!

Veggietales: Veggies in Space is a story the entire family is sure to enjoy; and most importantly, learn from! I'm very happy to say not only did Big Idea send me a copy of Veggies in Space for me to review, but they sent an additional copy for me to give away on my other blog, grandma's cookie jar (USA only)! Check…


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Family Lab :: The Experience [Part 4/4]


When a family enters the space, they don’t find pews or rows of chairs to choose from. The room is full of round tables with chairs around them. On the table each week they will find a two-sided sheet. One side is titled “Lab Time”, the other “Home Time”. Some weeks there may be an…


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WOW. That Hurts!

So in the week since I last posted I’ve gone to three soccer tournament games, spent a few hours in the ER, drove myself home under the influence of narcotics, passed a kidney stone, used five different colors to paint stripes and polka dots on my little girls’ walls (which involved a lot of time on my hands and knees and on a ladder), and helped my wife plan a birthday party that will happen tomorrow night. And of course all of that is on top of a “normal”…


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Where You Should Place The Oldest Kids in the Room

This is a picture of our Stuart Campus.  We currently meet in a high school while we are building a permanent facility.

At this campus,…


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The Effects of Pornography on Children


Online pornography has reached epidemic levels in our culture.
  • 40% of adults…

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How dependent on God are you in your kidmin?


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After the Conference

After a great children's conference it's very easy to back into the grind of ministry and even forget to unpack all the “Aha!" moments and apply practical learnings into what we do. I am working on being more strategic with how I do kidmin at my church with my team. With that here are some golden nuggets I got…


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Family Lab :: The Teaching Strategy [Part 3/4]

The Teaching Strategy for Family Lab ::

This entire concept has been embraced and fully supported by our Lead Pastor. Family Lab would be impossible without that. In an effort to avoid Family Lab being a separate component of our church, we believed it was vital to intertwine this gathering with the…


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Resources on Child Abuse

Sadly, when it comes to talking about safety in our children's ministry, we have to also talk about child abuse. It is one of the things which most clearly shows our world is "broken" and is something which I'm absolutely sure breaks the heart of Jesus. Sadly, it is something we see all too often in children's ministry. Wayne Stocks, the guy who brought us Kidmin1124 and writes Divorce Ministry 4 Kids,…


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Child Safety - Severe Weather & Fire Policies

When we talk about safety in our children's ministries we think about screening our volunteers, signing in and picking up children, abuse prevention policies and staffing levels. We don't always stop and think about fire safety and having a severe weather policy, so let's take a few minutes to do so right now.

Fire safety requires some thought, action and communication. Consider the following . . . …


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Book Review – Crash The Chatterbox

Chatterboxing is a full-time occupation, because the chatterbox takes no breaks, and it takes no prisoners. The chatterbox is portable. You can go on vacation, but it takes no time off and never takes sick days. The chatterbox is not squeamish with intimate moments. It will go with you to the bathroom or shower. You can change the scenery, change partners, change your clothes. But the lips of the maniacal chatterbox keep on moving.

Let me first say that I…


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7 Elements of a Great Children's Lesson

Do you want to improve your children's ministry lesson?  Here are 7 elements that will take your lesson to the next…


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The Dreaded Question

It starts when we are really, really young – well before we have the ability to give a well thought out answer. When we ask it to children, it seems like a innocent question:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

It’s a loaded question.

We tend to get be and do mixed up. As parents, we have goals for our children. Most parents spend a good deal of thought…


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Family Lab :: The Concept [Part 2/4]

Read more at Symbiotic Family Ministry...

The Concept ::

How could we leverage the time we already have scheduled at church to help parents be the primary spiritual influencers in their kids’ lives?…


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Is Divorce With Kids Selfish?

In this insightful article, Lee Block explains why divorce with kids is selfish.  She explains:

Divorce is selfish by necessity when you think about it. No matter what, someone gets hurt. If it isn’t you, then it is your kids and if it isn’t your kids, then it is your ex, but in the end, someone has to pay the price. The question is, who can adjust the best?

If you work with children of divorce, it is important that you understand the perspective of…


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Safety - How Do We Have Parents Sign the Children In and Pick them Up?

Years ago when I served in a church in Northern California another church in town had a child abducted from their nursery by the child's grandparents. The grandparents showed up, the child identified them as their grandparents, so the nursery workers released the child. This church needed a policy and system for signing in children and picking them up.…


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A Captivating, Powerful Video to Use for Your Volunteers


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