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Rahab and Spies Song: Rahab's Grace

Click HERE for more information on Rahab's…

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March 2015 Assembly Liturgy

NOTE:  Sojourn Kids playlist can be found at this link:  Playlist

Leader 1: Let’s sing some of our favorite worship songs together! Our first song is called “Sing and Shout,” which are two ways that we worship God! Who can raise their hand and tell me some other ways that we worship God? (Take 3-4 answers; if they need help: Dance! Give Offering! Help Others!…


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Armor of God Song

Anything set to music will be remembered for a lifetime!

When teaching kids about the armor of God, why not have them sing about it, too?



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Bible Verse Memorization Activity - 1 Peter 4:10a - Using Talents

Click HERE for activity…


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Evaluate Your Ministry - It is Essential

I've been talking about keeping our focus so we do not cheapen our faith, and being sure we have a continuity between our children's ministry,…


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Easy Object Lesson - Grab Your Pencil

 The Easy Object Lesson -  WRITE IT DOWN IN PENCIL!!!  -  It has some great POINTS!


A pencil is a great object to use in a lesson. Think about it. 

Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing!!!…


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Are You Looking for Music for Your Children's Ministry?

Click HERE to view products which will help your children grow deeper in their walk with God.  (Also some "just for fun"…


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"Big" Church or Not? Do You Provide Children's Church?

Yesterday I wrote about the "controversy" of having children participate in "big" church and included some reasons to do so as well as reasons not to. I wrapped up the post with ideas of things you can do to engage children if your church includes children in "big" church. (You'll find the post at this link.)

Some of you commented and shared your "take" on including children in "big" church;

Today I want to look at reasons for having church specifically for children, or…


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One Free Year of GO! Curriculum

GO! is a brand new (coming soon) KidMin curriculum unlike anything else.  What's so great about it?  Here's what one of our pilot churches just told us in their weekly feedback form:

“I have been loving GO! so much!! This is truly an…


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When children have heart attacks


For years children have told me their hearts hurt. When I ask them where it hurts, they will lay their little hands over their hearts and say,

“It hurts right here.”

You might say these little ones are having heart attacks. We don’t usually think about little children having a heart attack.

The kind of “heart attack” I’m talking about is affecting thousands of children. It is the emotional and spiritual…


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Pick Up Sticks Bible Verse Memorization Game

Click HERE for…


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It Can Be Controversial . . . Do You Have Children in "Big" Church?

In Children's Ministry there are a few things which dedicated people disagree upon and can easily get into a debate over. One of these things is whether or not we should have children in the "big" church service or in classes which focus on engaging them in the learning. Today and tomorrow I'm going to look at this question; today I'll focus on including children in the "big" church service and give some reasons why we should as well as reasons we should not. I'll wrap it up today with some…


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Camp Fundraising with Eternal Rewards

                    Camp Fundraising with Eternal Rewards

Most church people love to help students go to camp.  I have never turned a child away from the camp experience because of their inability to pay but with that said I also feel children should make an effort to earn their way to special events.  A child who earns their way takes pride in the fact that they worked hard for their experience.  This is a great way to sponsor a child and teach children God’s…


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Hungry hearts have no ears

This was a phrase that Ms. Kennedy, an elementary teacher, used to tell the parents of children in her class about the importance of proper nutrition and having enough to eat. After reading a research project that was conducted at the Anthony Elementary School in Leavenworth, Kansas, this above phrase makes more…


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Parting of the Red Sea Craft for Kids

Click HERE for…


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Continuity . . . Connect the Children's, Parent's and Family Ministries With Your Church!

If you have paid attention to be sure all areas of your children's ministry connect so the Sunday, Midweek, Summer and other ministries have continuity and are taking the time to connect the children's ministry with the parent's ministry, the last area to connect with is the other areas of your church! If your church is going to have a strong and healthy children's, parent's and family ministry, it is important for the entire church to know what is happening in these…


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Swipe your way to productivity today.

swipes logo

Time to get busy and get down to knocking out your to-do list. So you run around and collect all the sticky notes on your mirror, your desk, your computer screen and all the other misc. areas. Then you turn to the most recent incredible life changing tool – Evernote. You begin to search through Evernote, or as you call it, your brain online to find all of your to-do list in there as well.

Now you are just plain tired and mentally worn out not to mention you have…


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Did I get my blessing?

Blessings are an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to speak into your child’s life. They let them know that you care for them, that you see the positives in their lives and that you are asking God to give them something special.

But at the same time, if, like me, you grew up in a home where this didn’t happen, giving a blessing can feel weird. What do you say? How…


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An Inside Look at Our Volunteer Training

I'm often asked how we do volunteer training.

Our first training piece for a new volunteer is an orientation.  You can see that at this link.  This sets the them up for success.

After orientation, volunteers receive hands-on training in the specific area they will be serving in.  They shadow one of our "rock stars" who serves in that area.  What's a…


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Continuity . . . Connect the Children's and Parent's Ministries!

So . . . you have a vision and purpose for your children's ministry and you are watching to be sure each part of your ministry connects to the others, but have you collaborated with the leaders of your parent's ministry to be sure the children's and parent's ministries connect and have continuity? Consider the following . . . …


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