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Nite Lite (bedtime radio for kids) 3/31/11 “Final Instructions, Lasagna Training & Lost in the Desert”

"Nite Lite" is pajamas and the Bible mixed up with a half hour of adventure, laughter and music.

Tonight in “Buried in the Snow,” grandfather gives Jacque his final instructions. Then in Mission Space we meet Master Frogurt who gives Rip the Rockin' Rocket Rabbit more than he bargains for. After that Abraham sends Hagar and Ishmael into the desert...alone.



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Why children should be in the center of the church

Not long ago it was popular in many Christian parenting programs to “schedule” your kids—i.e. make your child know in no uncertain terms that your life doesn’t revolve around their rhythms but yours— and you do this from the littlest age by putting them on a feeding and napping schedule—make sure that they know that life revolves around us and not them, because in doing so we would… Continue

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The stated vision of our Children’s Ministry is:

“Connecting Kids and Parents to Jesus to Rescue the Next Generation.”

That’s why we exist as a Children’s Ministry.  It’s not simply to provide a way for adults to attend church.  Everything we communicate and everything we do should be facilitating our vision.  I wish we could say that was always the case…but it’s not.  Sometimes I can get side-tracked with the immediacy of a need and totally drift off course.  So today let’s…


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What you can do now!

For days now you’ve read my posts that have been building a case for a new way of thinking about missions. Maybe there are some of you who who learned something you didn’t know before. Maybe some of you desire to resource and fund project among the unreached. If that’s the case, I’m very glad. Be sure to let me know. :)

So, if you want to do something, where can you start? You understand that the 10-40 Window is where the need is the greatest and within the 4-14 window is…


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Sounds that make me pray

I am trying to turn my everyday life into a prayer of thanksgiving and praise, and tune my everyday steps into the frequencies of heaven.

Sometimes I need to hear a prayer request in order to know what to pray. Sometimes the sounds of the world bring prayer to my heart faster than an onion brings tears. The prayers are never the same, which I think somehow makes them more sacred.

The sound of the first family of Canada Geese to arrive chatting amongst…


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Our Very Own Jared has a Podcast


Well, technically it’s not Jared’s podcast, it belongs to Sam Luce, but our very own Jared Massey was featured yesterday on Sam’s podcast called Take Ten.  Jared spoke with Sam about the struggles of being bi-vocational and what he has done in his own life to find balance.  I particularly…


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Safeguards for the Young

We are living in an evil time. Iniquity abounds. Satan is working with all his power and cunning to ensnare and destroy. There is no class in greater danger than the young; but our Heavenly Father sees the temptations which surround the youth, and he invites them to come to him for strength to resist evil and to stand firm for the right. The fear of the Master will be as a shield to the youthful heart, to turn aside the fiery darts of the adversary. The Holy Scriptures, as a light upon the…


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Teacher’s Corner

World Missions Offering was a HUGE success! We had over $10,000 raised to help with the hunger crisis! Thanks for all you did to teach our kiddoes about how we can all make a difference in the lives of children. Thank you also for continuing to plant those seeds of faith.

Next Bible Study Leader Meeting: April 10, 5:30 East Conference Room…


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Powerful Prayer Thursday – Colossians 1:3-14

Pray this prayer, taken from Colossians 1:3-14, over your kids:

Father God, I pray for _____________, give them complete knowledge of your will.

I thank you that they are walking in spiritual wisdom and understanding.

They will always live a lifestyle that honors and pleases you.

Their life always produces every kind of godly fruit.

They are growing as they learn to know You better and better.

Strength from your glorious…


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Guerrilla Parenting: Tattling vs. Telling

Chris Spradlin over at wrote a great post about Tattling vs. Telling. I love his take in encouraging our kids not to tattle we need to also let them know when to tell. Read it here.

I have had a few parents ask abou the issue of tattling. I thought I would address it in my…


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Global Missions – Aim lower!

Below is a somewhat tongue in cheek  but very informative video about this idea of reaching the world’s most unreached by focusing on the kids. Enjoy!…


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Baby Dedication - Family Values

  Check it out here

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Got Milk? Relationships...

I was really concerned about my milkman. Warren delivers a gallon of skim, a quart of 2% and a quart of chocolate milk to our house every Thursday morning. Sometimes he leaves a sample of yogurt or a new kind of milk the creamery is promoting (orange cream was unbelievable…a liquid dreamcicle). I work from home and my desk is in view of the front door which is always open to the storm door. If I’m on a phone call or deep into my thoughts (or typing) he gently taps on the door to make sure I…


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bullying [pop quiz]



i absolutely hate that bullying is happening to the children who attend our churches, and even at times that it's happening in our churches. we must put an end to this.

a few months ago, my sister jackie glass, presented a class to families in her community on the topic of bullying. jackie is a family…


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Michael Hyatt talks about twitter being greatest leadership, influnece, tool ever

I have gained an incredible amount of respect for Michael Hyatt. As a matter of fact he is not even aware of the amount of complete respect and impact he has on my life, so when I ran across this video interview of him speaking of the advantages and ways he uses twitter I could not wait to share this valuable piece with you my blog followers.

I think it is wisdom for all of us to hear from people like Michael who have great minds but most importantly they are able to execute their…


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Time kids spend

By the time kids graduate high school they will spend 900 hours in school and 1094 hours watching TV.

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EL: Generosity



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A Box and A Smile

I had the thought the other night that “things can and should be better than they are”. As adults we look for all kinds of things to make us happy and we wind up just the opposite, stressed out and miserable with headaches. I can’t count the times that I have come home completely stressed out over things beyond my control. These things rob us of our joy!

Let me share with you what brought on my initial thought. I was watching my 13 month old play, not with an…


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Child Discipleship: Guiding Children Through A Competitive World, 4 & 5

Seventh in series on “Competition – Good or Bad?”

4. Always remember it isn’t winning or losing that matters but how the adults     in the child’s life walks through it with him.

  • On the grounds of a Christian conference…

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Take the Heat From the Parent Now...or the Prosecutor Later!

I was reminded this week of the importance of sticking by security systems.

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