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Connecting with Your Audience

Part of the “Delivering the Word To Kids” Series

Here are just a few tips for connecting with an audience of kids during presentation of the Word:

  • Get their attention right away. And keep it.

    Start in a way that capture your audience. Maybe its a statement that makes everyone gasp or a story that will get them immediately engaged. Use…

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My Pastor and My Attempt at Words

This Sunday will be my pastor’s last Sunday at Westwood after 11+ years.  God has called him to pastor Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.  It is such a God thing for him and his family and I know God has great things in store for Westwood as well.  But goodbyes stink.

When Les came to Westwood, Nate and I were…


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Only Two Days Until My 2012 Curriculum Review Begins! How to Find Your Best Curriculum "Fit" . . . Do You Have a Vision?

The month of April I'll be focusing on Sunday School curriculum reviews. I like reviewing curriculum in the Spring so you can make your decision about which curriculum to use by the beginning of the Summer. This allows you to have time to fully train your volunteers so when the Fall begins they are ready to use the new material! So, today I want to talk about how to find your best curriculum "fit". 

see more at …


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The Dr. Seuss Quote for Today -You're On Your Own . . .

We've been looking at Dr. Seuss quotes for the past month and today is the last one. It has been fun to look at some of the many Dr. Seuss quotes and then to think about them in the light of God's Word. So . . . the final Dr. Seuss Quote for today is, "You're on your own. You know what you know. And you are the one who'll decide where to go . . . " Well . . . we do know…


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VBS Timeline

Five Months In Advance

Prayerfully set goals

If you are a new director, meet with former directors and volunteers

Talk with…


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Thank You!!!

A great big huge thank you to all of you that voted in the Blog Madness contest.  I can’t believe that this little blog came out as the winner.  That is totally because of all of you who read my ramblings and took the time to vote.

God has been so much more gracious to me than I deserve.  I’m so thankful for a…


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I Plead Guilty

I have realized that I have been guilty of several things in the past.   The first step in change is to admit that you have been wrong.

  1. I assumed that everyone learns like I do.

    I am a self taught person in almost every skill set I possess. I have an innate ability to figure out things on my own. What I am realizing is not everyone learns like that. Some people are terrified at the sink or swim training method. One thing I have done is to take…

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INCM One-Time Donation

If you would prefer to do a Monthly Donation, Click Here

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INCM Monthly Donation

If you would prefer to do a One-Time Donation, Click Here

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Belize Trip Wrap Up

We have spent the week readjusting to life-as-normal.  It has been tough for me.  I tried to talk Nate into just bringing Brenna down and we could stay in Belize.  He didn’t go for it, which is probably God’s plan anyway. :)

You can read a wrap-up of the trip here from my…


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She Did What She Could

image I thought perhaps since it is close to Easter, it might be good to encourage all of you with a different slant to part of the Easter story.

At my church a few years ago the minister, Dr. Brad Reynolds, was preaching on Mark 14. I had heard this chapter preached on many times before. You probably remember it also.…


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Friday's Find: Something to help you weed through your VBS options...

[From my blog: Rock, Paper, Scissors]

     Tony Kummer at has written a fantastic article describing most of the 2012 VBS themes. This list is comprehensive and provides dozens of links to publisher information, products, and decorating ideas. If you are persistent and scroll past all the most popular publishers and a long survey, you will…


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I Have a Winner . . .

I'm happy to announce, Shawn Derrick is the winner in my give-away of the book, the 5 Love Languages of Children (You will find the review at this …


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Elementary Children's Ministry Essentials . . . Furnishing and Supplies!

We've been talking about the essential elements for our elementary children's ministry classrooms which enable us to have safe ministry and how to create classroom environments on a shoestring, so today I'm going to touch on furnishings and supplies!

see more at

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The Dr. Seuss Quote for Today - I'm Sorry to Say So . . .

The Dr. Seuss Quote for today is,  "I'm sorry to say so but, sadly it's true - that bang-ups and hang-ups can happen to you!" This is true. Bang-ups and hang-ups can and will happen to us. Our world is broken by sin and because of this, hurt, pain and disappointment are part of life. We do not, however; have to be defeated by our bang-ups and hang-ups! Consider Joshua…


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Helping People Catch What They Should Have Already Caught!

My Pastor recently said (and I'm sure he probably stole borrowed it from someone else) that "the hardest thing about being a Pastor is that you are trying to get people to do what God has already told them to do." I'm sure there are a lot of thing difficult about being a Senior Pastor, but I also think that statement holds true to all ministers.

Over the past few weeks I've thought about this statement, it has resonated in my inner being that there really is truth to…


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Nite Lite 3/29/12 "Radical Choice, The Pitty Potty, Holding On..."

Tonight in “The Captive” Anselmo is faced with a choice that will radically change his life. And then in Mission Space the Meefs unleash another dastardly trap on our four heroes. After that we’ll see how long Abram can hold on to God’s promise.


Click here to go to tonight’s…


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Relationship Matters

One of my greatest takeaways from last week was God’s great reminder that relationship matters.  Our relationship with Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus is going on three years old now.  It is a partnership approach to missions and God reminded me the great value in the partnership.

So often the mission opportunities our kids have are isolated or remote.…


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Building Excitement!

Leading a Child to Christ

I don’t know about your church, but at my church we’re never extravagantly funded for VBS! So when we begin to plan our decorating without really having the funds to make it happen, I get that same feeling I’ve often felt since I moved to the West—it’s kind of like waiting for the “big one” to hit here in Southern California!…


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Sunday Morning Prayers

Can we be honest?

My weekends are crazy.  Starting on Saturday Nights with the evening service, and then moving to an early morning on Sunday followed by three services full of people.  It’s wild and wooly in every way possible.  By Sunday at 2pm when most of everything is cleaned up and put back in place, I drive home by myself in a quiet car…


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