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Story-In-A-Box Make 'n Take - God Feeds Israelites Manna -- Exodus 16:1-35

Scripture Reference:  Exodus 16:1-35

Needed for Each Child:  Shoe box bottom, blue construction paper for sky, brown construction paper for ground, a yellow pom-pom or felt circle for the sun, white construction paper on which to draw Israelites, small bowl of rice…


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I Have a Winner!

On give-away days, I typically get up first thing and draw and post the name of the winner; however, on this Resurrection Sunday I got up and went to the 7am church service with my hubby then came home and worked on dinner. My family - hubby, daughter, son, daughter-in-law and grandsons all came for dinner! 

We've had our dinner, my grandsons have finished their egg hunt outside and found the "inside surprises" I made them (two crocheted…


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Christ the Lord is Risen Today! Alleluia!

Today is Resurrection Sunday - the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! I thought I'd share Glad's performance of the classic, Christ the Lord is Risen Today - enjoy and remember . . . because He is risen today, you can raise your joys and triumphs high and sing because death no longer has a sting or victory! Jesus did fight the fight and the battle is won because Jesus lives again! Alleluia!…


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He is Risen & Ever Lives and Pleads For Us!

Tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday, so I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite songs which talks about how Jesus, my Perfect, Sinless Savior died and made an end to all my sin. Before the Throne of God is an old song, but it is beautiful! I especially love how the Go Fish Guys sang this, so I'm sharing their video with you. Look at the lyrics and enjoy this song!…


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The Dr. Seuss Quote for Today -You're On Your Own . . .

We've been looking at Dr. Seuss quotes for the past month and today is the last one. It has been fun to look at some of the many Dr. Seuss quotes and then to think about them in the light of God's Word. So . . . the final Dr. Seuss Quote for today is, "You're on your own. You know what you know. And you are the one who'll decide where to go . . . " Well . . . we do know…


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Recruiting Volunteers for the Nursery!

As I said yesterday, there is no shortage of positions to fill in the children's ministry, so let's go ahead today and take a moment to consider the needs of your nursery.…


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The Dr. Seuss Quote for Today - I'm Sorry to Say So . . .

The Dr. Seuss Quote for today is,  "I'm sorry to say so but, sadly it's true - that bang-ups and hang-ups can happen to you!" This is true. Bang-ups and hang-ups can and will happen to us. 



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7 Ways to Help Volunteers Avoid Burnout

Make sure they attend the adult service each…


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Time is tick, tick, ticking away…

depositphotos_9261064-Infinity-time-spiral-clock      One of the most common areas people ask me to coach them on is how to be organized. I like to think I live a fairly orderly life. I handle numbers well, so some of it come naturally to me and other parts I have had to learn how to be disciplined. As I was preparing for the class I teach at Bethel College, I came across some…


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May = Volunteer Recruiting!

I'm a huge fan of focusing your church for the entire month of May on the many opportunities to serve in the children's ministry! All of April I will be talking about planning a month to recruit and then provide a number of recruiting plans complete with themes and ideas for making a recruiting video. I hope you choose one of these to use - or develop your own for a month of recruiting! By recruiting in the month of May for your children's ministry you are…


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I Have a Winner!

I'm happy to announce Werner is the winner of The Action Bible!  (You'll see the review at this link.) Thank you Werner for reading About the…


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The Dr. Seuss Quote for Today - Step With Care and Great Tact . . .

The Dr. Seuss Quote for today is"Step with care and great tact. And remember life's a great balancing act!" Life has it's "stages" and "moments" and we need to walk though it with a mind for "balance". Consider Ecclesiastes 3:1-8,11,  "There’s a season for everything and a time for every…


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A Faith of Their Own

God has really been reshaping my view of and understanding of salvation. I have heard at least four instances in which someone thought they were saved but then realized they were not. A  90 year old grandmother of a dear friend, a pastor in the middle of his sermon, a teen who was very knowledgeable and grew up in a Christian home, a youth leader at an area church. Each person had a head knowledge of Jesus Christ but never made the decision in their heart to follow Christ.

I have a…


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What Are You Placing in Parents' Hands This Easter?

Easter is a great time to place key communication…


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What do you believe about those you lead?

compass As a leader, have you ever stopped to think about what you believe about those that you lead?

What you believe about their intentions.  Their dreams.  Their desires.

Deep down, what you believe about them influences how you approach them.  It impacts how you lead them.

If you’re in a leadership role, that means God has positioned you to take part in the refining work He is doing in those you lead.  That means He intends to use you to…


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Parenting Through The Prophets: Amos

This is what the Lord says:

“The people of Judah have sinned again and again,

    and I will not let them go unpunished!

They have rejected the instruction of the Lord,

    refusing to obey his decrees.

They have been led astray by the same lies

    that deceived their ancestors. Amos 2:4

Through the prophet Amos, Judah was in…


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Awana Homeschool

This past week, Awana launched their new website, It is a new initiative by Awana to reach out to families who home school as well as home school co-ops.

I became aware that Awana was looking at this option several months ago but I had few details.

Several home school families currently utilize the Awana handbooks as a Bible component for their children. You have probably noticed that often, not…


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The 6/50 Window: A New Way Of Looking At The Spiritual Impact of Divorce on Children

Editor’s Note: Today and next week we will be looking at a recent report detailing the impact of divorce on children’s spiritual development.  I hope that you will come back Monday and next Wednesday for the final two installments in this series.  Next Wednesday, we will post a pdf file containing all three parts.

Church Welcome back to our series of articles about…


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Recruiting and Bible Reviews - April will be Busy . . . & Fun!

April is just a few days away . . . since February and March have been so cold and blustery . . . at least if you live in Michigan . . . I, for one, am looking forward to April and warmer, bright, cheerful and exciting days! 

So with warmer and more…


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Children’s Ministry Videos

Call me slow, but I just discovered these you tube videos from Children’s Ministry Magazine. They have a full list of videos on a variety of topics about things on Children’s Ministry.

Here are just a couple:

The Mohawk Snap Object Lesson…


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