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Nite Lite 4/30/12 "The Doctor, Supernatural Fingerprints, Battle Instructions"


Tonight in “The Wanderer in Africa,” Carlton tells David an amazing story of his own wrongdoing. Then in Supernatural Fingerprints we’re exploring a very annoying creature. After that the Israelites get special pre-battle instructions from Joshua.


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A Challenge to Preschool Teachers


By Betty B. Robertson

I have not forgotten his words.

I have not forgotten his words because I can remember being surprised when he said them. It was new information to me.

I will never forget the words of my Christian Education professor…

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Ideas for a Family Movie Night

[From my blog: Rock, Paper, Scissors]

      Looking for inspiration for a family event? We recently put together a successful, themed Family Movie Night at our church.

     We sent out postcards and flyers to advertise and took orders for pizza for each family that signed up. (We asked that each family that ordered pizza pay $5 to cover the cost, but admission to the movie was free. We also…


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Brad & Angelina, Kids, and Marriage


Brad and Angelina have announced they will finally be getting married after being together 7 years.  One of the big reasons...their kids.

Brad told CBS Sunday Morning…


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It’s Not Always About the Divorce

clip_image001 Today’s article is a reminder for those of us who work with kids whose parents have divorced. It is as much, if not more, of a reminder to me than anyone else. When we start to focus on the position and needs of children of divorce, and we should, it is easy to fall into the trap of seeing everything in their lives as revolving around the divorce. On the one hand, we are…


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5 Take-aways from Orange 2012 #OC12 #OC12SN

Last week was my second time at Orange, and I really enjoyed it. Here are a few of the most important take-aways for me.

  1. The Gospel is Messy. So, I need to get into the mess. (Reggie Joiner). Reggie Joiner’s opening message at Orange was really thought-provoking for me. Joiner challenged us to remember that Jesus left us here to…

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Put Feet to Their Faith . . . Care for Children in Your Community

Throughout communities across the United States there are children who eat at least one meal on school days at their school. According to the USDA over 16 million children lived in "food insecure" households in 2010. During this same time, 20.6 million low-income children received free or reduced-cost meals through the National School Lunch Program. Unfortunately, just 2.3 million of these children participated in the Summer Food Service program the same year. (…


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Dream On

One of the things I want to endeavor to do better is to help leaders realize, develop, and achieve God given dreams in the context of the local church. I believe that God has put a dream within each of us to do something great for Him. If you haven’t found what that is I encourage you to find out by really seeking Him. I know that if you seek Him, you will find Him.



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Do You "Roll Up the Sidewalks" or "Kick it Into High Gear'?

What does Summer look like at your church? When it comes to your children's ministry, do you pretty much, "roll up the sidewalks" or do you "kick it into high gear"? So, what does it look like if you are a church where they "roll up the sidewalks" or a church where they "kick it into high gear"? Consider the following -

see more at …


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Thoughts on The Eric Trap

Leadership by definition is the position or function of a leader and/or the ability to lead. Are you a leader? Chances are the answer to that question is yes. You probably lead someone in some capacity of your life. If you are a parent your leadership position is incredibly important!…


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Helping Kids With Asperger's Disorder Grow Spiritually

What are the most important things for a pastor, children’s/youth ministry director or volunteer to remember when helping a kid with Asperger’s Disorder to come to faith or grow in faith?…


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Being New to Church Leadership & Special Needs Ministry - Madeline Rowell


We continue our "Special Needs Champion Spotlights" from the Orange Conference on The Inclusive Church Blog through this coming week.  For more insight, workshop notes, and interviews from the 2012 Orange Conference, see The Inclusive Church Blog. …


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Summer Ministry Possibilities - "Freshen Up" Your Vacation Bible School!

Okay, Vacation Bible School is almost a "given" for many, if not most, churches when they think about Summer Ministry Possibilities . . . but there is a very good reason for this! VBS is one of the most effective outreaches - and for many churches - their only outreach of the year, so as we consider Summer Ministry Possibilities, we need to first of all take a good look at Vacation Bible School. Why is VBS a good Ministry Outreach Possibility? People expect it. While this…


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A Boy And His Lunch And A Miracle -- Bible Story (John 6:1-14)


Based on John 6:1-14

Instructions: Every time you hear the word "sleeping", put your hand on your lips and say, "Shhh." Every time you hear "see Jesus" raise both arms upward and yell, "Yeah!" (If you think a visual reminder would be helpful, hold up placards with a picture of eyes closed when you say "sleeping" and a picture of a smiley face when you say "see Jesus". Placards can be made on paper…


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2012 Best Buys Curriculum Side-By-Side Comparison Chart

For the past month I've been reviewing Sunday school curriculum and have posted a number of reviews along with side-by-side comparison charts. This past week I focused my reviews on those resources which are most affordable, making them my "best buys". Today I'm posting my third side-by-side comparison chart of the curriculum …


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Curriculum Review - Best Buys - Special Buddies from LifeWay!

Special Buddies is a Non-Traditional Sunday School curriculum from LifeWay which is designed to be a, "Sunday School curriculum resource for special kids with special needs." While you might think a specialty curriculum such as Special Buddies would be too expensive, it is, in reality, one of my "best buys" for the following reasons…


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Curriculum Review - Best Buys - Bible Teaching for Kids from LifeWay!

Bible Teaching for Kids is a Traditional Sunday School curriculum from LifeWay with a strong focus on "providing a balanced approach to central Bible concepts, essential Bible skills, and foundational Bible stories for babies through preteens" Bible Teaching for Kids is one of my "best buys" for the following reasons - …


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Ch, Ch, Changing

I have learned through various meetings and workshops, there are two types of people, those who hate change and those who strongly dislike it. I used to think that some people really enjoyed change, but then I found that they were just miserable in their current circumstance and just wanted an escape. This does not really mean that they were embracing change. For myself to change, I go through a process:

1. I am excited, ready to jump in. 

2. I begin the mourning process of the…


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Friday's Find: Kids of Courage

 [From my blog: Rock, Paper, Scissors]


     I was so excited to find this website! It will be the first place I go next time I need resources for a missions lesson. Kids of Courage is run by the organization The Voice of the Martyrs to teach kids to stand up for their faith and bring awareness to the persecuted church. They have developed…


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Assembly Time—and WOW Power!

Finding True North

There is an old saying: “First impressions are lasting impressions.” It’s not always true, but think about it: Can’t you remember a first impression that still sticks with you today, whether it was good or bad? I sure can!…


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