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Zumba for Kidmin Volunteer Training?

At this past week's Orange Conference, Meaghan Wall led a workshop on recruiting and training volunteers for the special needs ministry.  Meaghan is the Pastoral Leader of Special Needs for Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas.  Stonebriar has a waiting list of volunteers for their special needs ministry.  Yes, you read that correctly.  There are more people in line to volunteer for the ministry than there are open positions.  And this church regularly…


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Do Your Pupils Know You Care?

You probably have heard the statement, “Children don’t’ care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Teaching is more than one hour in the classroom at church! 

Kids will remember only a small percentage of what you teach them,…


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Planning Your Sunday School Lessons to Make A Difference in Lives

Do you begin your lesson preparation praying, “God, what ONE key principle do the boys and girls in my class need to assimilate in their lives this week?”

In order to make a lasting difference in children’s lives, you need to have ONE key principle which the boys and girls in your class will…


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A Challenge to Sunday School Teachers

Have you become complacent, content to teach boring, uninteresting, non-life-changing lessons week after week?

I challenge you to fling out your arms, knock down the walls of your “I’ve-always-done-it-this-way” box, and step out of that suffocating enclosure.

Take a deep breath of the fresh air…


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What Generation Y & Z is thinking

Want to know what the kids in your church are thinking?

This is a pretty good insight…

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Sunday School Curriculum Reviews Ahead!

As I wrap up a month thinking about recruiting, I'd like to say, please remember the most important things . . . 

Looking ahead - the month of…

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Don't Miss Out on the Blessings!

As I said in my last post; "EVERYONE who believes is part of the body and has something to offer." I wrote about the people who you might "pass over" in your mind as you think about who to recruit for your children's ministry, so now I want to consider a few of the blessings from involving people who have extra challenges . . . …


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EVERYONE Who Believes is Part of the Body & has Something to Offer!

When it comes to volunteers in your ministry, most of them are probably people who you would describe with the word, "normal". By this I mean, they likely are people who have no serious illnesses or physical challenges. But, who might you be missing out on? Who might be able to serve even if they have an illness or physical challenge? When you think about recruiting, are there people who you "pass over" in your mind because they have an illness or physical challenge? If…


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Illuminate Conference 2014 coming to Houston, January 25

Illuminate Conference, the nationally recognized conference for CM Volunteers, Ministry Partners, and Leaders is coming to Houston, January 25, 2014. Copperfield Church will be hosting, 8350 Highway 6 North, Houston, TX 77095.

We are expecting some of the top national trainers to present in the main sessions. Various break out sessions are for Preschool, Elementary, Leadership, and Special Needs. Cost is $30 for all Saturday, 9:00-4:00. You can register and find out more on the…


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100 Best Ideas for Preschool Ministry (book giveaway)

It's time for another resource giveaway.  We're giving away a copy of the book 100 Best Ideas to…


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Keep Jesus at the Heart of Your VBS

130422-kidmintips-hdr Vacation Bible School presents a unique opportunity to share the gospel with children and their families. With all the planning that takes place for VBS crafts, games, music and more, don’t forget to plan for the heart of VBS—reaching kids for Jesus Christ.

To ensure your team is prepared for evangelism, take time during your training meeting to do the following:

  1. Know the Lesson Conclusion. So that the gospel message can be given in every…

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3 Keys to Training VBS Volunteers

three-keys-to-training-vbs Beginnings are the most important times for new volunteers, so make every effort to train and prepare your volunteers. We’ve provided the keys to successful training below.

  1. Plan a General Training Meeting. Whether your church is large or small, every church needs to plan a general meeting at least a month before VBS begins. Large churches may also ask age-level leaders to schedule a planning meeting for team members several weeks before…

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Recruiting Volunteers for VBS

recruiting-volunteers-for-vbs VBS is an excellent opportunity for many people to discover, use and develop their gifts—and make an eternal impact in the lives of children! So, as you recruit, don’t forget to inspire and communicate the vision of VBS.

  1. Determine Staffing Needs. Make a Volunteer List (download sample) of all the jobs that need to be done, no matter…

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Tons of Fun Training!

Tons of Fun Training!

I recently sat through a planning meeting for an event at my daughter’s school. It was so tedious: so much time was wasted, and frankly, it was SO. VERY. BORING. But it DID make me think, the message here is that to be an adult, you have to be BORING. And then, I began to wonder, Uh-oh, are my VBS training meetings like this?…


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Latest Release from What's in the Bible & Mother's Day Giveaway

Now Available: Volume 11 Spreading The Good News!

Volume 11 Spreading The Good News! will send your family on a journey through the book of Acts – starting with Pentecost, following Jesus’ disciples as they spread the Good News through the world, and…


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Free Teaching Ideas!

Click HERE for dozens of

Bible stories, creative activities, scripture memorization aids and Devotions…


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Keep The Volunteers You Have By Encouraging and Thanking Them!

I've been writing about recruiting volunteers and while I focused most of this past month on recruiting new volunteers, the past few days I've been writing about the easiest - and best way to recruit . . . by keeping the volunteers you already have! Today I want to talk a bit about encouraging your volunteers . . . I'll be writing much more about Volunteer encouragement, but today I just want to take a quick look at the topic.…


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Book Give-Away - Can't-Wait Willow!

I love books for children with great illustrations, solid story which are written in a way which will capture the attention of little ones and help them learn something important. Can't-Wait Willow!which was sent to me for free to review by ideals children's books, is one such book! I…


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Tools for Children Evangelism

Where's Everybody going? Serving in Children Ministry and running out of ideas for children evangelism? We provide engaging animated tract and other captivating tools for the children. Do check out our webpage …


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The Walls Came Tumbling Down - Joshua Bible Story - Joshua 6:1-20

Preparation:  Have the boys and girls form a large circle.  Choose half of the children to be priests who will make trumpet sounds.  The other children will be the Israelites who shout at the end of the story.  Have the priests practice blowing their pretend rams horn trumpets…


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