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Too many CEO's

Have you looked around lately?  Really looked at the people who say they go to church! Do they actually go?  I had a conversation with someone yesterday who said,” yeah I love my church”  I answered with oh where do you go?  He said the name of a local church and I began to ask questions about it ” what sermon series they were doing, how was worship you know typical questions from a curious pastor”.  He began to tell me “well its been I while since I have been there”.   This got my mind…


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Another Prayer For Children's Ministry . . . Pray for Children to Grow in Jesus!

We certainly need to be praying for the children in our ministries so they come to know Jesus and choose to ask Him for His forgiveness and grace. This is one of the primary reasons for us to do what we do in children's and family ministry. But, along with praying for children to be saved, we also need to pray for them so once they do, they will grow in Jesus and come to know and walk with Him!…


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Silence Shatters Dreams and Perpetuates Broken Dreams

image Every child has dreams and when parents divorce or break up, silence from the adults in their lives can tend to destroy the dreams in a normal child centered environment. All children are self-centered. That’s how God made us – to depend on our parents and other adults.

However, when there is a crisis such as a divorce, kids need people to talk to them and explain what…


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OC14 Live Notes

OrangeLogo Hello to everyone!  It is that time of year again when all people who Think Orange come together.  I am here in Atlanta for this awesome week and I am honored to once again bring you Orange sponsored blog coverage LIVE from #OC14!  There are many great blogs you can follow…


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Ten Days Without

Clearly we need a countercultural way of grabbing people’s attention.

I have just completed reading Daniel Ryan Day’s Ten Days Without. In this book he describes his various experiments of going ten days of abstaining from various comforts of life. The idea is that going without shoes, coat, social media etc will raise the awareness for a cause. My first thought of this book was “oh great more slacktivism, that’s what we need.”

The first…


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VBS Countdown: It’s New, It’s Now, It’s Eternal!


There is one word that sometimes annoys me but always hooks my interest: It’s the word “NEW” (usually followed by a number of exclamation points)!!!! Even though I see it every day, whenever I do, a little voice rises up in me and says, “You might MISS something if you don’t check it out!” Of course, sometimes NEW is beneath the surface. While some things do not appear new on the surface, when we dig deeper, we find new innovations that…


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Discover 8 Learning Styles of Children

140408-kidmintips-hdr Learning styles describe the way people use their senses to process information as they learn. Educators have classified three types of learning styles. Most people will fit somewhat into more than one category. Few people fit completely one style to the exclusion of others. Most children cannot describe how they learn best but do know which activities they like. Discovering the learning styles of children can help in lesson planning and in finding the most meaningful…


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13 Dos and Don’ts for Resolving Behavior Problems


No matter how much work you do to prevent discipline problems, you will undoubtedly experience a few challenges that will require your appropriate and timely response. Here are some dos and don’ts for disciplining early adolescents.

1. Do smile and take a deep breath.

2. Don’t lose your temper, yell, scream or belittle the child.

3. Do speak directly to the student.

4. Don’t embarrass him or her in front of his or her peers.



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Object Lesson - Amazing Make-Your-Own Snow

I love object lessons because they tend to get the attention of children! I especially like them when they are activities we can allow children to do with us! So, when I was browsing on Pinterest and saw this link for making Erupting Snow - I had to share it with you!

Follow this …


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Connected to the Vine

Photo Credit: www.versexverse.com

Photo Credit: http://www.versexverse.com

A few weeks ago, I ate a bunch of grapes and when I had eaten them all, something grabbed my attention.  The empty vine that I held was so tightly intertwined, I’m surprised I was able to free any grapes to enjoy!  A very familiar scripture…


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Mother's Day Project

Materials Needed:  Large colored construction paper, coffee filtars, colored markers, clue, photographs of the…


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"Serving Mom" - Mother's Day Craft

Materials Needed: Small plastic cups (3" tall), colored construction paper confetti, glue, "Happy Mother's Day" label, seven strips of paper for each child, and colored pencils.

Activity: The children put glue on the cup and sprinkle on the paper…


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A Leader’s Heart – 4/27/14

This session deals with the most foundational element to a good leader – their heart!

A Leader’s Heart Part 1 - Power Point

The two Bob Sorge videos used in this presentation can be found on YouTube: Envy & God…


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Leadership Training Videos


Coming Soon!


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Click_Banner Spencer is the Executive Pastor of Family Life and Missions at Bethel Church in Hampton, VA.

He has over 28 years of experience in Children’s Ministry. Serving in pretty much every capacity available from puppet team coach to assistant preschool teacher.  He has been a featured presenter at national and regional conferences. In 2010…


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Question of the week: Why do single parents identify life events as ‘before’ or ‘after’ divorce?

Many of the single parents you interact with are divorced. In their minds, and in their interactions with you, they will draw a clear line defining life “before my divorce” or “after my divorce.”

Is this healthy? Does labeling life ‘before the divorce’ and ‘after the divorce’ keep them from moving forward? Does it mean they they are still struggling with their divorce and are stuck in their grief?

These are excellent questions and ones…


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Awesome, Fun and Simple Gospel Object Lesson

I am extremely happy to share a link with you to a video of a truly amazing and fun object lesson from Brad Brown which you can use with and teach to children to help them understand the Gospel!


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Another Prayer For Children's Ministry . . . Pray for the Laborers!

Yesterday I posted about prayer and our children's ministry; I said, "We need to pray for the children in our church and community and ask God to make their hearts tender and open so they will choose to believe and be saved!" Today I want to talk about how we also need to pray and ask God to send us the "laborers/volunteers" we need for our ministries!

I firmly believe no one cares more if we…


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How Do We Pray For Our Children's Ministry?

When it comes to praying for our children's ministry, I assume we all make it a regular part of our day, every day, to spend time doing so; but what should we pray for and how do we pray? I have never found a "formula" for praying which really helped me pray. I tend to get "lost" in the "steps" . . . praying for this, then that and then the next thing just seems to be too "rote" for me. 

A number of years ago I heard a sermon by Dr. Ed Dobson - he was the dean of students at the…


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