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God Is God And Always will be God.

Yes God is God let Him be God All by Himself Sometimes we may think that we need to rush things. God knows what is best for us He knows what we need before we ever ask Him sometimes we may think that God did not hear us. Oh yes God does hear us when we ask Him but He may not always give us what we have asked because this may be something that could hurt us later. This could be a want and not a need. God loves us and He really does care for His children. I have children and grandchildren and i… Continue

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Soldier Thoughts and "The" Soldier's Thoughts

I invite everyone on CM Connect to visit my website at the below-listed URL and read a moving email from a soldier serving in Iraq. His "The Soldier's Thoughts" is a response to my "Soldier Thoughts," which you will probably want to read first. (You'll have to scroll down the lengthy blog to see the second one in order to read it first.) This is a true heart of a soldier. I am encouraging everyone to comment on the blog. I will then contact SPC Hernandez and invite him to… Continue

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Filling in the Blanks

So we are about to host another Baby Dedication. It's a wonderful celebration where we, as a church family, stand up and say that we'll stand by the parents in encouraging, equipping and supporting them as they direct the spiritual life of their young child....

And then we don't connect with them - as a family, in our church family - until the child is ready to be baptized. Sometime about 10 years in the future!

What about all the milestones in between? How can we possibly… Continue

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What are we hiding???

This Sunday I spoke briefly on Psalm 78. Specifically, this statement really struck me:

"We will not hide them (God's teachings) from their children, we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord; his power, and the wonders he has done."

I kept coming back to the word hide. It reminded me of the story of the disciples attempting to keep the little children from coming to Jesus. (Mark 10:13)

What are we hiding from our children? Surely it is… Continue

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Building a Children's Ministry Center - Printed Vinyl


or contact us at 1.877.WOW.IN3D

Printed Vinyl can be used in a variety of ways. We at the WOW Factor-y have used printed vinyl for everything from accentuating signage to extremely large backdrops hanging as the backdrop for full stage sets. In the… Continue

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Head Shoulders Knees & Toes

I know it probably makes little sense why things just pop into our head at the times they do, but yesterday I was in a 'create' mode and something popped into my head. I just drew it out on a post it and then got back to what I was doing since it was a seemingly random thought monkey anyways (gotta take control of the thought monkey or you'll never get any other work done).

-It's not much to look at, but it's a simple diagram that… Continue

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A Church in the Margins

One of the great efforts of the Post Modern Culture is to marginalize matters of faith. Faith is relegated to rather odd notions like black cats, broken mirrors, and other superstitions. A fully actualized human being has out grown the need for such concepts as god, finding divinity centered in the self. And so people march on with a Nietzsche style liberation from God. It is therefore quite disturbing for the liberated to see all these Christian fanatics in the air ways and writing books. Even… Continue

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Make Building Your Kid's Church Set Efficient.


or contact us at 1.877.WOW.IN3D

So I am going to take a chance and say that if you are reading this article that you probably don’t own a multimillion dollar children’s ministry center full of 3d foam cutting or coating machines. I’m pretty sure you, also don’t have a team of highly trained graphic… Continue

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Constructing Your Stage Set - Sketch Art


contact us at 1.877.WOW.IN3D

Children's ministries definitely function primarily by volunteer participation. When you are building your own children's ministry center you will need to consider who you have that will be best suited to help you. In your congregation you may have construction… Continue

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Let's try this again!

I can’t believe I’m doing this again. The last time I started writing a blog I quickly became overwhelmed with another responsibility but I believe this time will be different. I desire to chronicle my journey of a closer walk with God in the ministry to children. I have struggled over the past 4 years concerning why I am in the ministry and what God has planned. Does He have a strange sense of humor? I look back over the things He has accomplished in such a short time and I am… Continue

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I love God today and every day i love Him He means so much to me.

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Jubilee Gang Update for Arkansas and summer schedule

Dear friends & partners:

We had an awesome time ministering at 2 different churches in Arkansas this week. During these 2 events we saw 48 children born again.

Our summer schedule is below.

If you are near any of these events we would love for you to come.

JUNE 2009

· 5-7 Calvary Christian Center: Hammond, LA

· 9-11 Bethany World Prayer Center: Baton Rouge , LA

· 14-16 Columbus First Assembly: Columbus,… Continue

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`Let's just take time to look at this one verse in the beginnig God. First of all God is and was God and he will always be God He is everything yes i mean everything. Before time was God was have you ever looked out your window/ then if you have you can see the handy work of God Just take a good look at the stars' moon' sun' trees' lakes' about the great light which was the sun this makes the day and a moon to shine that makes the night. i'am so glad that we have a great big God that can hold… Continue

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Yes first of all i would like to take this time and just say that i want to talk to who-ever reads this right from my heart. God is love yes God is love let God be the Lord of your life. My friend God loves us so much that He died on the cross that we might really live because we can't live with-out Christ. Boy oh Boy what love that God has for us all yes i said for us all. This makes me want to praise Him for everything that He does. If you don't know this God that i'am talking about why wait… Continue

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Hillsong Kids BIG - Follow You - Fun behind the scenes

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to a sleep-deprived episode of The Thursday Blog. There is no need to worry because I am at that point of sleep deprivation where you get surprisingly witty so this should be fun.

The question is: How come you are lacking in the sleep department? Well the answer is the title of this episode:

"BIG - Fun behind the scenes”

For some of you who are reading you will know what BIG is. Yes it is a movie with Tom Hanks… Continue

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FMD blogging on CM Connect

Hi there you incredibly amazing person.

Welcome to the world of the writings of Funny Man Dan. I am currently a writer for The Thursday Blog and that is a whole lot of fun. Those posts are on the left hand side of my page.

The Thursday Blog is about life which is a wide and random topic and isn't necessary about ministry but when the is an episode that does relate I will post it here as well.

Have Fun.


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Communication is Vital to Building Your Children's Ministry Center


or contact us at 1.877.WOW.IN3D

In the Theming business consistent communication is the way to a successful finished product. The first thing that we at the The WOW Factory try to do is to understand our customer’s ideas and know to the best of our ability what exactly they are looking for. If you want to build your own children’s ministry… Continue

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Building your own children's ministry center.


The first blog posts I am dedicating to a job that we did in Rincon Georgia . A lot of people that I talk to seem very interested in the process of taking an abstract idea and transforming it in to a full three dimensional environment full of props, stage sets, wall murals and printed… Continue

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BackYard Bible Clubs

I am looking at doing Back Yard Bible Clubs this summer. e do not have our own bulilding-we rent space on Sunday so we don't have a place to do a traditional VBS. Has anyone done back yard clubs? How well do they work. What is the best way to get the un churched kids from the neighborhood there? Any thoughts and ideas are welcome.

Added by Lisa Wilson on May 18, 2009 at 12:07pm — 2 Comments

Kids Entering the Presence of God

Kids Entering the Presence of God 13 Part Blog Series is posted on the blog, Revival Fire For Kids, This series is about how to lead your children into the presece of God based on the tabernacle of Moses.

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