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How God is changing my view of Grace

I mentioned in an earlier blog that we are hosting a summer reading with our small group leaders.  We are reading D. A. Carson’s The God Who is There: Finding Your Place in God’s Story.  We haven’t started the group yet, but I decided to read ahead to try and create a reading schedule and some discussion questions.  About 40 pages into the book, God…


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5 Things that Stress Me Out

I was talking to someone the other day about job-related stress; and as I listened to them go on and on about how hard their job is and how stressful it was for them to work with certain people something dawned on me.  I realized that often when it comes to my role here at the church, I don’t really carry a ton of stress.  I’m not saying that church-work is stress free, but that I’ve learned to manage work related stress easier than other kinds of stress.…


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Keep your Kidmin safe this summer!

My wife came across this and sent it to me. In all my years in Kidmin, I’ve never read an article as clear as this and something that I feel is absolutely necessary for every one of my volunteer to ready (specifically those who are coming to camp or lock-ins where there is swimming). Of…


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Kidmin Conference in October: Register Today!

You’ve probably heard the buzz about a new Children’s Ministry Conference coming this fall. It’s the Kidmin Conference hosted by Group Publishing. Last summer, I got the honor of hanging out with group for a few days with a bunch of other stellar kidmin leaders to brainstorm what a totally different conference for Chidlren’s Ministry could look…


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Check-in procedure

What do you use? What works best for you? Would you mind sharing a copy of your check-in procedures and policies? I am new to the position of director and I really want things to be secure, but I am not sure how to go about it! Any help or advice would be appreciated!!!!




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Challenges to Spiritual Development in Kids With Anxiety Disorders

Today's blog post at Church4EveryChild examines a unique challenge kids and parents with anxiety disorders often face as they seek to grow in faith.


"More so…


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Care more for volunteers than the empty positions

People who volunteer and stay over the long haul tend to do it more for personal reasons, not organizational reasons. This is something that I am still working on with teaching my teams. Over my years in children’s ministry I have picked up that successful recruiting efforts tend to focus first on the motivations and talents of potential volunteers and then go on to…


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New Podcast- Your Instant, Pastoral Integrity Test!

Let’s do a short exercise together. When I say a word, you say aloud the name of the person who comes to mind. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Honest, Liar, Trustworthy, Deceiver, Confidant, Manipulator, Wise, Straightforward

Those words were a mixture of positive…


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Church Based After School Formats

Here is a variety of formats for after school programs.  In choosing the format begin by thinking who you want the kids to be when they are 40.

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Worms, Compost & God

This summer the McClain family embarks on the adventure of composting.  I’m not a particularly ‘green’ person.  I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty, but at the same time… I’m not game for complicated living.  I like throwing things away that I no longer need without thought of its reuse.  However, my kids come home on a regular basis touting the virtues of recycling, taking care of our…


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Don't Forget . . . I'm Giving Away Two VeggieTales Live! Sing Yourself Silly DVDs on Friday!

This Friday, June 3rd, I'm giving away two VeggieTales Live! Sing Yourself Silly DVDs! This is the first "live action" dvd for VeggieTales - it is a filming of their VeggieTales Live! performance and is sure to get your children up, singing and dancing with their Veggie friends!


see more at

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A Look Back . . . and a Look Forward! Sunday School Curriculum Reviews!

During the month of April I focused on Sunday school curriculum reviews and looked at Large Group/Small Group, Traditional, Bridge and Non-Traditional curriculum resources. I also looked at Special Needs curriculum. I reviewed a number of curriculum lines and provided side-by-side comparison charts. I also spent a week looking at curriculum which was  Biblically solid, well written and priced affordably - all…


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Give Away Tuesday: Kidmin Leadership

Jim Wideman has been a part of all of the major shakeups and startups in children’s ministry today. This week is another first for kids ministry. There have been many people who have offered mentoring programs in kidmin but none as successfully as Brother Jim. The idea that you would be able to keep 12 kidmin leaders together for two years is incredible and even more incredible is for the first time ever a group of people in a mentoring…


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Partnering with VBS

As Awana wraps up for the year and Vacation Bible School (VBS or whatever you may call your summer program) becomes the focus, are you doing anything to connect the ministries?

Have you promoted it in your Awana club? Will they “plug” Awana to the children who attend? Or does each ministry stand alone and fend for itself?

I strive to connect ministries together, especially children’s ministries. Promoting one with another, offering a discount to a summer camp to clubbers who…


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Once Upon a Time…


There once was a little boy…

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far way…

It was a dark and stormy night…

We all recognize these beginning, they are popular beginnings for a story. They immediately peak our interest, there’s something coming, something interesting. Stories have power – they break down barriers, open our hearts, and get us…


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Memorial day

I found out today that memorial day is the most recent federal holiday. In 2000 congress passes a statute for all people to pause at 3pm to remember those that served our country.

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Memorial Day thoughts

My Grandfather is James Watson. She fought in World War II and grew up in the depression. His life in America has been much tougher than mine. Even though my home is worth less today than it was a few years ago that is probably the worst tragedy I have felt. Fighting in a war and suffering through the depression while raising 5 kids is a bit more challenging. He sent a season of his life also doing full time ministry as a missionary to the American Indians so his life has been full of serving… Continue

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Maximize your Ministry Potential!

Let's say we are sitting together right now, sharing a cup of coffee, and I ask you "Are you achieving your maximum potential in ministry?"  You respond, "I'm not sure."  So I ask, "What gifts has God placed within you?", what is your response?  Would you say music, drama, intuitiveness, caring, wisdom, etc...?

Earlier this year, I took a spiritual giftings survey along with a session I was teaching for a group of…


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New Blog!

So I'm moving on up from CMconnect in the blogging area and I'm going to start a new one titled, "Your Proper Inheritance."

It's going to be about empowering, cultivating, and creating spiritual warriors out of your children. It's going to have tips for parents, pastors, volunteers, or anyone looking to be involved in the lives of the children.

When I know I can keep up with it I'll get my own… Continue

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Mondays Most Viewed – Top 5

It is Monday again and time to once again post your top 5 favorite post according to visits to each post view and links.

Top 5

1. Some top iPad apps according to me 5/16/11

2. 7 Questions to Hitting Your…


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