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I just love Sunday School

I grew up not attending church normally unless I was staying with my Dad or Grandparents. I remember a lot of the lessons my Sunday School teachers taught me. I attended a Methodist Church and a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). I never really enjoyed the corporate worship service, but I normally enjoyed the small group I was a part of. My teachers always believed in me and showed me a lot of care.

After I started a journey with Jesus as an adult I began to help in churches… Continue

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camp gap

hey everybody i just got back from camp gap in cedar hill a christian camp which was awesome i surendered to the ministriys on that wednesday night.

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Jubilee Gang update for June 14 - 26 and new articlesby Jerry Published

Dear friends and Partners.

Over the last 2 weeks we ministered in 3 different churches in 3 states. Columbus, IN, Dixon, IL, and Niles, OH and saw 82 children born again during these 3 events.

Next week we will be ministering in Winchester, KY at Church of the Living God. on Monday June 29- Wed. July 1st.

Two articles written by Jerry have been published on the Good News Daily web site over the last few weeks. click on the links below to read… Continue

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Building Your Own Kid's Church: Don't forget to...


When you are constructing your own children’s ministry center on a specific schedule (which The WOW Factor-y always is) you are going to have to consider all the extra detail before you begin. There are two reasons for this: 1) Much of the extra detail is going to consist of things that you are going to have to order and wait to get in…


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New Challenges in Ministry

Some people think that being Christian is boring and being a pastor is the most boring of all! Having been saved for 29 years and serving as a pastor to children for 14 years, I can testify that life is never boring and is usually rather challenging, at least for me. The past two churches in which pastor Lynn and I have labored charged us with creating new ministries without resources or money. Both occasions, we worked where God was and did our best to make vibrant, living ministries where… Continue

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The Glass is 1/8 full!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages welcome to another Aequeosalinocalcalinosetaceoaluminosocupreovitriolic episode of The Thursday Blog. For those of you who don’t realise all the big words I have been using in my intro’s recently are all real words with fun definitions. Ask your friend Webster what they mean or Oxford will know, or even better ask you close friend Google to “ask” them for you.

Today’s episode is dedicated to the people who have lost someone. There has… Continue

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This is one of those statements that we ask ourselves over and over again. We have asked it from the time we were very young; “Why did the teacher ask me to do the math problem on the board…in front of all my friends???” We ask it when we grow a bit older; “Why didn’t I make the team?” We even ask it when we great get extremely old; “Why couldn’t I be younger?” It just keeps coming up, so I ask you “Why did you get involved in Children’s Ministry?”

Now I want you to really think it over.… Continue

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His Princess Conference


If you are in the Hickory NC area, you are invited to attend the HIS PRINCESS CONFERENCE. Hear the life changing message from SHERI ROSE SHEPHERD that has inspired more than 500,000 women.

Join us for a night of fun and fellowshio as we learn to live the abundant life that our King wants us to live!!

Tickets are $10 for adult & $5 for 10 & under

Visit www.hisprincess.com to find out… Continue

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Changing the way we do it...

So I have been involved with Children's Ministry since 1994. Not that long to some of you, but really a long time to others. I have always been a volunteer and/or a part-time staff member. I have seen a lot of things come and go, but one thing remains true. If you are true to yourself and love the kids God has entrusted you to care for, you will do great.

I am also a public school teacher, so I am obviously really into the current culture of what kids are into. The main thing I hear them… Continue

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Yes i need a church building to use in church in this area if you have such a building please let me know. God Bless You Is My Prayer.

Added by Rev. Charles O'Shields on June 19, 2009 at 11:00am — No Comments

Great Day!

It is going to be an awesome day today!!!

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Have you been tested... for Spiritual Color Blindness....

The Messiah gave a Treasure Map of Colors back to the Father

The Blessing within is beyond ALL your Blessings!!

Time is short...

Bad things-

are soon to come upon the earth

Read my writing below:

Most Christians will die in their sins

May Yahushuah open your… Continue

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Jubilee Gang Update for Louisiana

Dear friends and partners:

We had an awesome time ministering at 2 different churches in LA this week. On June 5-7 we ministered at Calvary Christian Center in Hammond, LA and saw 62 children born again.

On June 9-11 we ministered at Bethany World Prayer Center in Baker, LA and saw 36 children born again.

We had an awesome time ministering at Bethany. On the opening night the Children's Pastor Tim Carpenter and myself got to repel from the 40 to 50 foot ceiling of the… Continue

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Attention Austin, TX area and Phoenix, AZ area + Illinois, Ohio, St. Louis, Grand Rapids, Mobile, Orlando, Louisville I'll be in your area

I wanted to let you guys know some of the cities I'll be in the remainder of this year. In most cases all my travel expenses are taken care of so it's a great time to book a Yancy family concert or a time for me to lead worship for preteens, elementary, or preschool....even do worship training for your team.

Here are the dates I have booked. I should be available all days before or after the below dates to do an event at your church that your kids and families would… Continue

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How to build props for Vacation Bible School.

Recently a lady emailed me wanting a large boat for her church's Vacation Bible School. Of course her budget was not quite big enough for The WOW Factor-y to build it for her so I went ahead and wrote her an email back that had some ideas on it as to how they could build this giant boat prop themselves. Here is the link to my Wordpress blog where it is posted. www.childrensministrydesign.wordpress.com This is the season that…


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Which Church and Where Is It?

Which Church and Where Is It?

Jesus Christ said

"I will BUILD My church..."(Matt 16:18)

James understood that there was a church

to be built among the Gentiles:

"After this I will return and will BUILD again

the tabernacle of David..."(Acts 15:15-16)

Paul instructs us further

in this building process of the church

"According to the grace of God

which is given unto me,

as a wise masterbuilder,

I have laid… Continue

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I teach that Jesus Christ

is the Saviour of the world-

and that he can not be


and not


I get replies that Christ

can be the Saviour of the world,

and yet


They give me this type of proof:

When a fireman goes into a burning building to save trapped people,

what happens if these trapped people refuse to be… Continue

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God is not...

God is not...

operating a "disaster control center"

from his throne of the universe

He is not trying to "pick up the pieces"

of a totally unexpected tragedy

that he never saw coming

He is not trying to "figure out" a way

to somehow to get things back

to being as good as they once were

He is not

trying to "figure out" a way to out smart Satan-

and he is not "falling behind" numerically

as far as how many will be… Continue

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HELL is the grave & HADES will be thrown in the Lake of Fire

HELL is the grave & HADES will be thrown in the Lake of Fire

The Hebrew word sheol and the Greek word hades

are both translated into the two English words “hell” and “grave”

The same Hebrew word sheol

is translated “hell” 31 times

and is also translated “grave” 31 times

But are “hell” and “grave” the SAME word-NO

Do they both have the same meaning-NO

Then WHY are they both

the translation of the ONE Hebrew word… Continue

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Yes i have been preaching the Gospel for many years. I'am taking this time to just let you know that i would love to come to your church and share with you this Gospel that i have preached for over 45 years. I'am an old time preacher in the Church Of God. You have been reading some of what i have wrote i'am sure so if you like what you have read and think that you might want to hear me and see me in person then just pick up the phone and give me a call. 864- 325- 0984. or e-mail me… Continue

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