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kidmin is community

just a small group of the kidmin inside track team in colorado this spring. (we had great fun dreaming and praying for kidmin 2012.)

being a single gal in kidmin can often times leave one feeling alone and isolated in ministry.  this was the case for a season before i became involved in group’s…


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Kidmin – God’s Calling or Just a Job?

When it comes to Children’s Ministry, it doesn’t matterif you have the largest or smallest group of children. It doesn’t matter if your children are the most creative in your area / region or they happen to be fantastic musicians and terrific dancers or even super-intelligent. These things will happen and are best left to God anyway.

What matters most is YOU. This may sound strange…


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Look What I'm Talking About in July!

For the past couple weeks I've been sharing web sites and blogs well worth reading - especially well worth adding to your Summer reading list! As we go into July, I'll continue to share web sites and blogs with you and I also want to give you some ideas of things you could do to begin to build enthusiasm and excitement for your volunteers, families and communities as you get ready for your Fall ministries! 


see more at …


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The Princess Parables - Princess Hope and the Hidden Treasure - I'm Giving One Away!

I'm happy for the opportunity to share a new book with you . . . one which little girls in your ministry and families with little girls, are sure to enjoy! The Princess Parables books tell the stories of sisters who are princesses. As they say, "there is the studious Princess Faith, the adventurous Princess Charity, and Princess Hope, the responsible firstborn. Each sister’s tale provides readers with valuable Christian lessons filled with insight and…


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Praying for Children

MON: Accept Christ as Savior; grow in  grace and truth. Protected from satan in each area of life:   spiritual, emotional, physical, mental.

TUE: Choose the right kind of friends.  Keep pure for the right, godly mate.

WED: Wisdom - wise thinking, decisions, behavior.

THR:  Learn to submit totally to God in  all circumstances.

FRI: Respect…


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Six Things to Pray Daily -- for Your Child

Accept Jesus as Savior.
Grow as Jesus did.
Make wise decisions.
Respect authority.
Choose right friends.
Keep pure for godly mate.

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Smart Kidmins Learn to Recycle Their Best Stuff

Sometimes recycling doesn’t just help the environment, it can boost your ministry like nobody’s business.  Take this summer, for instance.  Every summer, we do a huge production for families called Who’s In the House.  We pull out all the stops, big dramas, complex dance numbers and laser-focused teaching designed to reach the whole family. 

Except for this year.  

This year we just didn’t have time.  We were in a race against the clock to pull off a complete make-over…


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Happy Birthday iPhone. How you have changed the game.

The Apple iPhone turned 5 this week. In that short amount of time, the phone has made a huge impact on the world as we know it. In fact, the iPhone is probably the most influential consumer electronics product ever made. Here are some ways that I have uncovered from several sources…


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Independence Day, How will you show your gratitude?

Whatever you might be doing this Independence Day, Take a moment to remember the men and women who died to give us the freedom to enjoy the little things of life. We can thank our soldiers past and present in many ways.

This Independence Day take a moment to shake the hand of a soldier and thank them for their service. Place flowers on the grave of a soldier who gave his or her life for our freedom. But most of all thank the soldiers by upholding and treasuring the constitution that…


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Are You Involved in the Lives of Your Students?

"She's something special," a 10-year-old girl related regarding her Sunday school teacher.  When asked why this comment, the student replied, "My teacher cares about me."  This teacher showed her concern, not only in the classroom, but beyond during the week.  Whenever a pupil was absent, she visited the home to determine the reason.  If someone was sick, a card or small gift would accompany the visit. Frequent phone calls were made and e-mails sent to let students know she was thinking…


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Surf's Up! Children's Ministry Resources Around the Web . . . STRAIGHT4ward with Loretta Baughan!

Okay, first of all, STRAIGHT4ward with Loretta Baughan isn't "technically" a children's ministry blog and secondly my sister is Loretta Baughan, but this is absolutely a blog well worth adding to your list of must-read blogs! Loretta writes this blog because, "Life is full of twists and turns, triumphs and pitfalls, ups and downs. This blog and the coming podcasts will attempt to tackle issues confronting modern-day…


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Surf's Up! Children's Ministry Resources Around the Web . . . iKids!

I'm delighted to share with you a new blog where you will find information, ideas and resources to "help you iNspire kids to iMitate God"! iKids is written by Ron Brooks and as he says, it is his goal to help you "find many resources you are free to use.  Everything from lessons, to devotion guides, blog entries, videos and more.  Feel free to look around and use anything you see. Everything we do is done to…


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How to Become a Famiy Equipping Ministry

A Family-Equipping church begins with the mind-set that we will be intentional about making it a priority to champion the concept of parents as the primary disciple-makers in their children’s lives.  Here are what could be considered the Primary Principles that will Build a Strong Family Equipping…


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The Bible is Rated R

If you’ve read the Bible, you will notice that if someone were to make an all-out accurate portrayal of it on the big screen, it would easily be Rated Ror worse.  From the nakedness of Adam and Eve in the garden to the brutally violent crucifixion of Jesus, the Bible is one of the most graphic narratives in history.

And while many discussions can stem from this point, I want to focus on one direction right now: how to introduce children to this “loaded” book?...…


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The Friday Bag


The Creativity of Rule-Breaking  - “The prevailing form of creative inspiration is imitation. We copy what others have done…”

Answering Questions -…


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Sundae Sunday

The treats can be made ahead of time and frozen.  Put two scoops of different ice cream flavors into a Styrofoam cup.  Top with chocolate or butterscotch sauce and sprinkle on a few nuts.  Take out of the freezer fifteen minutes before needed.  Sundaes can be served at a central place or taken to each classroom.  This is often a high-attendance day with kids bringing their friends and serving as an effective outreach as new children come and see what Sunday School is all about!…


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Operation T.A.D. (Teacher Appreciation Day)

Plan a Teacher Appreciation Day so boys and girls can express their gratitude.  "Top Secret" is the label placed on Operation T.A.D.  Send each child a letter and/or e-mail with these instructions:

Assignment No. 1:  Seal your lips!  The Sunday School teachers don't know anything about this special day.  So -- shhh!  Let's surprise them!  Don't let the secret out!

Assignment No. 2:  Write a letter or poem or purchase a little…


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Surf's Up! Children's Ministry Resources Around the Web . . . joemcalpine.com and samluce.com!

If you are looking for a site where you can find posts with information to help you understand children's ministry better, take a few minutes to check out joemcalpine.com. Another blog most definitely worth checking out is samluce.com.

see more ataboutthechildrensdepartment.com 

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Surfing the Web - Be Sure to Check This Blog Out - Divorce Ministry 4 Kids

There are many things in this world which tear apart the family and cause damage to children . . . one of these things is most certainly divorce. Those of us in children's ministry see how divorce impacts children, but we may not really know how to help them. This is where Divorce Ministry 4 Kids comes in. Wayne Stocks is the man with the vision for this ministry. He wants us…


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Experience Over Everything

SOURCE -Indexed

I’ve written plenty in the past about leading others, and doing it with strategy, vision, perspective, and humility.  However, the great fear for any writer, is the belief others might have that…


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