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Elizabeth Marquardt (Between Two Worlds)

“Yet as much as I believe we should support and understand the needs of divorced and single parents, I feel even more strongly that we should not let our concern for them prevent us from looking unflinchingly at the experience of children of divorce.  Children are voiceless: they don’t write books, they don’t vote, they don’t usually get interviewed on television.  We learn about their experience by sensitively observing their lives and later, when they are grown up, asking them what it was…


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What’s In the Bible: Review and Chances to Win!

The kind people at What’s in the Bible are super excited because they are releasing volume 9 which completes the Old Testament!

As part of their celebration, I have the opportunity to review Volume 7: Exile and Return.  You can read reviews of the other volumes…


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Children's Ministry Around the World - Punjab, Pakistan and the Star Sunday School & Youth Ministry!

For those of us who live in the USA it can be easy to think children's ministry around the world looks much like it does in our churches, and while in some places there are many similarities, in others there are significant differences. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at children's ministry around the world and invite you to join me on this "journey" . . . we are sure to rejoice at all the children who are learning of Jesus and learn how to pray…


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Book Review - God told me

Life can be, and oftentimes is, difficult. It can be, and oftentimes is confusing. But, our God doesn't leave us on our own to figure out or decipher these difficult and hard times! He gives us His Word and He gives us His direction . . . we just have to know how to listen for God's voice! This new book by Jim Samra helps us understand what God's "voice" sounds like and learn to listen for Him!


see more at …


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Teaching Kids to Care By Praying for Their Neighbors

An effective way boys and girls can become involved in ministering to children in their own neighborhoods is through prayer.

Challenge the children to walk or drive with their parents through their neighborhood and select 3 homes where their friends live. Write down the name and house number.

For 30 days, pray for these 3 families as God directs. At the end of this time period, go to each of the homes and say: “Our family has been praying for you in a general way. Is there…


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A new conference experience…

INCM Leaders Conference The Awana conference season is approaching fast and I encourage you to attend one in your area, but I wanted to tell you about a conference that I will be attending in September that I am excited to attend as well. It is a new conference being organized by the International Network of Children’s Ministry (the people who hold the Children’s Pastor Conferences). It is their first CM (children’s Ministry) Leaders…


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Curriculum giveaway coming up…

The Bible is the best selling, most influential book in history.

Do you know what’s in it?

Do your kids?

Phil Visher and the crew at Jellyfish Labs created “What’s in the Bible” so that you can answer both of those questions with a resounding yes. They’re in the process of wrapping up the Old Testament and to celebrate are giving away a complete set of…


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Helping Parents Talk To Their Kids About God

I have recently started a teaching series at our church called “How To Talk To Your Kids About…”  In this series, I am hoping to help parents engage in meaningful conversations with their kids about some very BIG and important subjects.  I thought it might be helpful if I shared some of these teachings with my blog readers.

I have included the basic outline below.  Also, you can listen to audio of the full teaching HERE! …


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DWP: Follow Up

This post is part of a series called “Dealing With People”.  To see the rest of the series click here!…


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Make Your Own Children's Ministry Hats with Duck Tape!

Around my house Duck Tape is held in high regard! After-all, the world is held together by Duck Tape! :^) So, when Duck Tape  began to produce tape in colors and patterns, well, needless to say, it got my attention! I love taking a few minutes to browse the…


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Between Two Houses – Part 1

This week we are looking at the unofficial anthem of Divorce Ministry 4 Kids.  Don’t miss part two coming on Wednesday.

Anyone who knows me would not call me a musically inclined person. I am the epitome of the idiom, “He can’t carry a tune in a bucket.” That said, I do like music. There are periods in my life which are marked by a particular song or set of songs, and when I hear those songs I am transported back to that time in my…


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Monday Morning Prophecy #79 – The Messiah Would Be Oppressed and Afflicted



Last week, we learned that the Messiah would be despised. Some of the same verses in the Old Testament also tell us that He would be oppressed and afflicted.

Old Testament Prophecy

He was…


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Put Feet to Their Faith - Help Stop Malaria & Malnutrition with World Vision

Ahh, summertime! Time for swimming, having picnics, playing outside and time for mosquitoes! Here in the USA mosquitoes are mostly annoying, but around the world they are deadly. Put Feet to Their Faith and involve the children in your ministry in a project with World Vision to help provide mosquito nets and food for people around the world in need!


see more at …


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Row Row Row Your Boat

I posted today on my blog www.whosthefarris.com  about Olympic rowing and unity. I believe I often underestimate the importance of unity in our ministries--not just for the sake of productivity, but for the sake of the gospel.  The more I think about it, the more I find myself laughing and saying, "Man, it is so crazy about how God is always sooo right about EVERYTHING." 


Today I am praying for unity in my church, in your churches,…


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Sneak Peek for VBS 2013 - The Mighty God - God Leads Moses & Me - Bogard Press

I'm happy to share with you a "sneak peek" at Bogard Press' VBS for 2013 - The Mighty God - God Leads Moses & Me! Bogard says, "The Mighty God - God Leads Moses and Me is a study from the book of Exodus which will show how God led Moses through the perils of his life and remained faithful to him in extreme circumstances. We will learn on this quest ways God loves us, calls us, saves us, guides us and cares for us - just like God did with Moses. So come…


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Christmas in July Party

I wanted to have a family fun event so that I could meet some of our families and get to know kids better.  The church has been doing a “Christmas in July” special offering, so we played off of that for the theme of our party.  (Downside being that some thought I was going to ask for money!)

And how convenient that July 25 fell on a Wednesday this year!…


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What is a Family? Family . . . a True Gift From God!

(With the Fammin Blog Tour going on I thought I'd post an article I wrote for my other blog -grandma's cookie jar- this past week.) Family. What is a family? The On-Line Dictionary defines family as, "a. A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children. b. Two or more people who share goals and values,…


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Have You Heard about the Fammin Blog Tour?

Have your heard about the Fammin Blog Tour? Matt Norman is the children's pastor at the Rock of Winter Haven in Winter Haven, FL. He began to ask himself, "What is Family Ministry?" and he began to ask children's and youth pastors he knew the same question. Matt invited them to blog their answers to this question and the Fammin Blog Tour was "born"! I am one of the people he has invited to blog my answer to this question…


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Princess Faith's Mysterious Garden . . . I'm Giving One Away!

I've been reviewing some of the books in the Princess Parables series: so far I've reviewed Princess Hope and the Hidden Treasure and Princess Charity's Courageous HeartToday I want…


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Refocus, Listen and Let God Lead


It’s a little quiet at the church right now; during the first two weeks of August, most everyone squeezes in a last bit of vacation before school starts. It’s my favorite time! I feel really close to God in the quiet of the church halls; the solitude puts me in a prayerful frame of mind. I find that my planning is more effective—not because I get the…


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