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Free play for Christmas - Long Road to Bethlehem

Righteous Insanity's new Christmas play finally has a name: Long Road to Bethlehem. 

As the name indicates, this play tells the full story of Christmas. But rather than beginning with the angel and Mary, this one starts in the Garden of Eden. From Adam to Joseph, audiences are taken through the genealogy of Christ, and the full story of God's love for man is unveiled through the stories of Noah, Abraham, Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, David, and more. 



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Why Illuminate Was Great

This past weekend we had the awesome privilege of hosting the Illuminate Conference at Westwood.  Illuminate was the great idea of Kenny Conley, and he and I have been plotting and planning since before January.  It was neat to see it happen and to see God show up big.  I knew it would be good because of the great people that were coming to speak.  You can’t get much better and real than Jim…


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Bob Kauflin on Songwriting for Children

Recently, Sovereign Grace Ministries leader, Bob Kauflin, led a two-part songwriting workshop at our Midtown Campus. During the second session, Bob taught extensively about writing songs for children. Then, he answered questions on a wide range of songwriting topics in a Q&A session.


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Web Security

I’m no expert on internet security, but I thought I’d share a few thoughts about security as a resource to the readers here at CMO. The truth is that most people have lousy security for their online accounts and having something more secure can actually be pretty easy. I was prompted to write this recently as I decided that it was time to change up most of my passwords.…


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Desktop Accountability

A few years ago I started a monthly post where I published what my desktop looked like. Mostly, it was about creatively changing things up to keep the juices flowing. I’ve fallen out of that habit with a desktop that changes more on a quarterly basis. To make things worse, my desktop always tends to get very cluttered.

So, I’m submitting to you my September desktop. I…


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New Structure 4: What Do People Do Around Here?

This post is part 4 of a series on creating a new structure.  If you would like to read the other posts,…


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50% Off Sojourn Kids’ Books This Week at!

“My wife and I pray regularly that God will give our daughter a love for the church. Our hope is that as her own faith in Christ grows it will be inseparably joined to a deep identification with and love for the rest of her church “family.” In this book I have found a great tool to encourage the very understanding and affections for which we are praying. She will…


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Thoughts About Keeping Track of It All . . . Notice the Children Who Are Not There!

esterday I posted about being sure to notice which children are at your church by taking attendance each and every Sunday. Just as it is important to notice who is at your church, it is also important to notice who is not at your church. Consider the following ideas -


see more at

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Bring Fun and Excitement to Your KidMin Hallways for Under $50.

I am always looking for ways to bring new fun and excitement into our Children's Ministry hallways. I want kids to start smiling or have the "wow" look when they walk in the door. I just ordered two of these for our Children's Ministry hallways. They were just introduced at the New York Toy Fair in August. They are really cool. Check them out.            

(p.s. I only ordered the clown fish since we live in a beach community)


see more info. and the video at…


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No Man is An Island – Not Even Your Volunteers

Island What is the most important thing when it comes to retaining a volunteer?  That is a question I have been asked a number of times and ones that I have discussed with innumerable people.  I believe that, in the end, the single greatest thing you can do to retain…


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Have fun.

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

Dale Carnegie

I love my job but sometimes I take it and myself to seriously. I forget that everything doesn’t depend on my. I have to do my part sure but I can’t control outcomes. So often I find myself trying to do…


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Elements of a “Get it Done” culture part 2

We will continue with looking at elements of a ‘Get it Done’ culture as we look at #3 Set Stretch Targets and #4 Connect to the Big Picture.

3. Set Goals that Stretch. – Teams in my experience tend to rise to the standard/level set for them. The more you expect, the more they will achieve. But there is a fine line between good stretch goals, which can energize an…


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Tips and Tools: "The Weekly Report"

I loved teaching my fourth grade Sunday School class in Maryland. I had a great bunch of enthusiastic 10 year-olds. It didn’t matter that our classroom was in the basement…a room with no windows and little space to spread out. As the weeks and months went on, we became not only a class, but a community.… Continue

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Hacked again!

On Saturday, my good friend Matt McKee helped me with a Q & A session with Jim Wideman during the first general session. We took questions via text messaging that came through my Google Voice account which is a part of my Goolge/Gmail account. Because my computer was being used elsewhere, I logged into my Google Voice account on Matt McKee’s computer.



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Need help! Some churches have a policy that parents or guardians of preschoolers must stay on church property during programs...why is this or why should we not implement this?? Another question, I am having an issue, where we do not have enough preschool leaders,To help with own church kids and one lady wants to bring 20-30 preschoolers from her neighborhood and we can't handle it and she says we are pushing those kids away, any suggestions?

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Thoughts About Keeping Track of It All . . . Notice the Children Who Are There!

There are so many things to keep your attention and notice on a Sunday morning, yet one of the most important is being sure to take the time to notice people . . . notice the children who are there, notice children who are not there, notice visitors and notice your volunteers. Like I said, there are so many things to keep your attention and notice on a Sunday! Today I'll give you a few things to think about when it comes to noticing the children who are at your church on a Sunday…


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It Happened in the New Testament…Didn’t It??? Trivia Contest

I ran across a funny little book this week titled“Fun Facts About the Bible.” It has several truly interesting and funny sections…that got me to thinking:  Wouldn’t it be fun to host a little “Trivia Contest” with the CMBuzz readers.  Then I got to thinking about the possibility of a Valuable Prize for our readers…how about giving away a Complete "Kidmo with Johnny Rogers" series ($149).  So I chose the section in the…


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7 sure-fire way to make kids feel welcome in kids church.

Here are 7 things I often tell our uptown volunteers to do to make kids feel welcome in Uptown. If we are not consistently thinking about what we can proactively do to help kids feel welcome we won’t do it.

7 sure fire ways to make kids feel welcome in church.

  1. Talk to them how they talk to you – If they are shy you need to be shy, if they are outgoing be…

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Is it time to give up?

Starting school When my older child was ready to start Kindergarten we thought that he might be ready for a bigger challenge. He taught himself how to read a year earlier and I was pretty sure he knew much of what would be covered. So, we had a friend of ours who had been teaching Kindergarten for quite some time test him. He tested in the 99th percentile in most areas and she said…


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Encouraging Your Nursery Volunteers

Nursery volunteers are the coolest people on the planet! They have the privilege of helping lay an early Biblical foundation in children's lives. They also make a huge difference in parent's lives as they make it possible for them to worship and hear God's Word with focused attention.

At times, nursery…


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