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Reluctant Leaders

Joshua...Gideon...Moses...Paul...Jeremiah.  What do all these great Biblicalleaders have in common?  They were all reluctant leaders.

As you look in God's Word, you see that most people who were used by God in a great way did not seek it and in some cases even ran from it for…


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Let Your Conversation be ALWAYS full of Grace!

Yesterday I wrote about “seasoning” our words with grace,so today I wanted to consider this a bit more. I wrote about the “power’ of our words and said, “Consider Colossians 4:6, “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” (NIV) As you begin your Fall ministries, commit to be a person whose…


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Culture Shock: The Need to Develop Relationships

This series is co-written by Linda Ranson Jacobs and Wayne Stocks. Linda has drawn on her years of experience working with children of divorce in a childcare setting, in churches and in developing the Divorce Care for Kids (“DC4K”) curriculum for churches to identify and explain some major issues when it comes to ministering to children of divorce and to explain how those issues were addressed in the DC4K curriculum. Wayne has drawn on his years volunteering in children’s…


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In Honor of an Amazing Kidmin Volunteer

Let me introduce you to Tony Morrison.

Tony was the husband of Janna, one of my staff members (and very close friends) in Alabama. Not only was he an amazing staff husband (and let’s be honest – it is just not easy to be married to one of us), but he invested himself in the ministry as well. Tony taught large group at the Calera campus and the kids L-O-V-E-D…


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Worship, Part 1

Most of our young people today have been raised in an age of great scientific and technological advances. Because of this, they usually feel that they must approach all truth by the scientific method—they want proof and evidence. This is one of the things that has cultivated a rationalistic attitude in society in general, even toward spiritual things. We believe that the world is dying for a little bit of love. There is an irregularly shaped vacuum in the heart of…


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Building Great Relationships!

Most everyone has been in one of those meetings where a presenter reads the PowerPoint presentation aloud from the screen, hands out a printed copy of the slides at the end—and that’s it. Boom, done, information imparted. It was even given in two formats—reading and listening. But on a scale of 1 to 10, how involved were you? How bored? (How glad were you to have the printout because you SLEPT through most of the presentation?)

If Sunday School is only about imparting information, it…


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Plans for Networking / Get Togethers at CM Leaders Conference

I'm getting questions about get togethers at CM Leaders here, on facebook, on twitter and on the blog.  So, I thought I would summarize where we stand now.

Thursday Morning Meet Up

Update: It turns out that Grove City Church of the Nazarene (the hosts for the conference) have a cafe inside the church which looks perfect for our meet-up.  Let's plan to get…


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Last chance to save on CM Leaders Conference!


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Yancy Wins Worship House Media Customers Choice Award!

Worship House Media recently hosted their annual Producers Dinner and Awards. They are a great church resource for media and downloadable resources for the church and for kids Congratulations are in order because Yancy won their award for "Customers Choice" for the video "Hosanna Rock" from Little Praise Party-Happy Day Everyday DVD. The award was based on the most downloaded video in the past…

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Season Those Words With Grace!

I posted on my blog for grandmas about the power of our words and thought I’d share a bit more about this “power”. As I said, “My friend, Maralee McKee the Manners Mentor, recently said, ‘What a parent says to their child won’t be heard on the news or read in the paper. However, it will echo throughout his life, shaping it and the lives of his family for generations which follow.’” She is right, and this is…


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A Special Needs Ministry App for Parents!

Each Sunday we get one chance to teach your child about God and His love for him or her.  But we know one hour a week just isn’t enough!  That’s why…


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Sunday School Is Big Business, part 1

Excerpted from Sunday School Changes Everything by Henrietta Mears

Teaching is a business. Building a Sunday School may be classified as big business because it is God’s business. We are dealing not only with problems of time but also of eternity. No board of directors in the world is carrying on a work as…


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Why You Should Play Games at Church

A New York City school is using games as a key part of their teaching strategy.  Watch this video to see it in action.

Kids learn through play.  In the ground-breaking book,…


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Wednnsdays tool and gadget used in children’s ministry

It is that time again where I would like to share with you a tool that I have come to find incredibly useful. That tool would be my iPad.

I will briefly list ways that i use my iPad and by no means is this an exhaustive list. I would love to hear other ways that maybe you have found…


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Reassuring Parents Our Ministries are Safe Places for Their Kids

With the news of the past year it is impossible to not have our hearts grieve for children who have been harmed at the hands of an adult they should have been able to trust. When news like this hits the airwaves, it leaves parents understandably shaken and in need of assurance they can trust the adults who have access to their children. So with the start of our Fall ministries it is time to ask, "What can you do to help parents know their children…


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Are Our Kids Spiritual Power-Packs?

I have been thinking recently about what kind of energy source our children are plugging into?

It is so easy to get caught up in the modern western world we are living in and see ourselves, as well as our children rely on the world and worldly things to motivate us and energise us. Television, secular music…


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Christians in Training

After listening to a recent message on exercising faith, I started thinking on our Children’s Ministry and how it is seen. I like to see it as a huge gym where we, be us leaders, teachers or volunteers are the staff within the gym. The children are the clients but as staff, we only oversee them whilst they work with…


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Was It the Chocolate Pudding: A Story for Little Kids About Divorce by Sandra Levins (Interview With the Author)

Welcome to part two of our review of Was It the Chocolate Pudding?: A Story for Little Kids about Divorce written by Sandra Levins.  In this installment, we sit down with the author to ask various questions about divorce and helping children with divorce. Make sure to check out this past…


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Good worship music is always something that I am on the lookout for.  God’s Kids…


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