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Personalized Gift Ideas That Every Parent Will Appreciate

Unique children’s gifts can be difficult to find and overwhelming if you're not familiar with what the children’s industry has to offer. You want to find a gift that the mother and father will truly appreciate but have no clue where to start. Here you will find some helpful information to find that special gift for kids, both boys and girls.

Personalized Children’s CDs…


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2010 Children's Ministry Itinerary

I pray you are having a wonderful day in the Lord,

Well, it is that time of year again. Time to start working on my 2010 ministry schedule. In the world we live in, we need to be fully aware and proactive in securing our children's future. That is why RMCM is on the move in making it our focus to reach 150,000 children in the year 2010 and you can help make that goal a reality. I am asking you if you would like me to minister to the children, parents and children workers at your… Continue

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Free 1 Year Subscription to Website Magazine

This was forwarded to me yesterday, and I thought I would share this with all of my friends since most of you have a website of your own. This is the top magazine for people with a website, and they are giving away subscriptions to boost their readership. The free subscription is the one on the right side of the web page below:

Feel free to pass it along to your friends… Continue

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Dream A Little Dream...

It's important to take time out to daydream and let your mind wander. This shouldn't be too hard for people in kids ministry! Have you sat down in a peaceful place and allowed yourself to marinate in creative thought? What happens when we allow our imaginations to romp around and chase rabbits? You will find solutions to problems, new ways of doing things and potential possibilities. This is what your mind was meant create positive scenarios!

The scientific… Continue

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Church Minded Vs. Kingdom Minded

Church Minded Vs. Kingdom Minded

We hear a lot today about church growth and church growth is good. A healthy church should be growing just like a healthy person should grow. A healthy church cannot help but grow!

A lot of churches are starting to evaluate every program according to how much it helps the church grow. Evaluation is good and healthy as long as we look at the big picture. The big picture that I am talking about is the Kingdom of God.

Matt. 6:33… Continue

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Children's Choir

Children’s Choirs are an important part of children’s ministry. Children’s choirs and musical programs are an effective tool to:

Teach children to worship through music.

Teach children to minister in front of a congregation.

Make the congregation aware of children’s ministry.

Get unchurched parents and relatives to come to church. (They’ll come to see their children perform.)

Even though children’s choirs are effective tools in children’s ministry, most choir… Continue

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Christmas Program Rehearsals and Cast Parties

One important aspect of planning an effective Children’s Ministry Christmas Program is having a good rehearsal schedule. A good rehearsal schedule won’t tire the kids and parents but will have enough practices to make sure the children are comfortable with their parts.

To Read More, Click Here.

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A God

Who always has to go from plan A to plan B

A God

Who is running a "disaster control operation" from heaven

A God

Who supposedly created creatures


Creatures that will wreck His original plan

The foolish and unscriptural teaching

is that God created a PERFECT archangel

who then SINNED… Continue

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YOUR GOD ... or ... MY GOD ... YOU DECIDE (Part 2)

YOUR GOD ... or ... MY GOD ... YOU DECIDE (Part 2)

I believed in the Trinity ...and then I looked for myself

The Trinity as defined by

Hastings Dictionary of the Bible Page 1015:

The Christian doctrine of God

as existing in three Persons and one Substance

is not demonstrable by logic or scriptual proof

Regardless, those that believe in and teach the Trinity

believe that it is, "...a necessary "hypothesis"

that there are three… Continue

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We are in a worship war and don't realize it.

Called To Worship

by Vernon M. Whaley

Thomas Nelson 2009

With the basic premise of defining worship using clear biblical evidence Whaley offers a lengthy tome loaded with plenty of historical facts. A better title for the book after taking about three analyzing weeks pouring over the chapters could be: The War For Worship, tracing the history of worship in the bible. Or I might suggest: Worship Wars.

This is a very nice view of the history of the bible, worship… Continue

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Choosing a Christmas Program

Hopefully, you’ve started looking at Children’s Christmas Programs and are on your way to deciding which program you are using this year. One of the best ways to have an effective Christmas program is to plan well. So for the next couple of posts, I’ll give you some tips on planning your program. Today we’ll talk about how to choose a program.

Read more here.

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Preschool Job Description

I am wondering if you have a preschool pastor/director, what exactly does their job entail, how many kids, and how much approximately do you pay monthly/yearly? Just checking for some research...

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Pathway press

Pathway press is the resource for the Church of God
You may want to use this as a resource :)

please add me as your friend

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What do Cows and Preschoolers have in common?

Cows apparently are a bit like preschoolers – they need a little nap nap in the middle of the day. Seriously. Recent research has discovered that cows who get a good lie down and are happy with their environments produce 4-5% more milk than when they are standing and in... well... a negative vibe environment. It’s all very “The Far Side”-esque.

But a very practical example of what we tend to do to ourselves. In the strive to do more and get more done, we lay aside time for just… Continue

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Myth of recruiting volunteers: EXPOSED!

I base my 'recruiting' on Philemon vs. 6. "I pray that you will be active in sharing your faith so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ."

We do people a spiritual favor when we invite them to join us in serving Christ. (Too many to even begin to list.)

People will not fully experience Christ unless they serve and share Him with others.

Therefore, this season, ask those whom you believe and know will be the right people for the… Continue

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Jubilee Gang update for Sept. 9-15

Dear Friends and Partners:

We had an awesome week ministering in VA at 2 different churches. on Sept. 9-11 we ministered at Strong Tower Ministries in Fredricksburg, VA and on Sept 13-15 we ministered at Dynamic Life Praise & Worship Center in Front Royal, VA

During these 2 events we saw 97 people born again including several adults.

Below is our schedule for the rest of 2009


· 7-9 Church of God of Prophecy: Willisburg, KY

·… Continue

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Happy New Year in September?!?! we all know that children's pastors are a little, well....different. I can say that. I am one. So it would make sense that our new year doesn't start Janauary 1st like the rest of the USA. Here in the Children's Ministry department at Alliance Friends Church, I would say our new year begins the first Sunday in September. The craziness of summer is over, kids are back in school with their new clothes and new shoes, new backpacks and school supplies...and there's really a sense of… Continue

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Advice For New Children's Pastors

Children’s ministry is a daunting calling. Most of the time, when adults are called to this important ministry, they have very little training and no mentors to help them. This is one reason I began this blog.

To Read More, Click Here.

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Personalized Backpacks

Itsjust4me offers the best personalized backpacks for your child by Stephen Joseph. We have an array of name Stephen Joseph backpacks to choose from. Take a look at the colorful backpacks we have to offer and delight your child with a one of a kind backpack.…


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"Faith and Kids"

Kids experience simple faith. Embracing what we 'speak' is how they believe. The simplicity of believing "what we say". Have you ever thought about it? How simple faith works? How simple it is for our kids to believe what we say to them? When we come to understand that our 'Father' in Heaven also speaks to us and that embracing what He says is simple, that is the 'victory that overcomes' those things that are working contrary to His word in our lives.… Continue

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